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Site Stuck on Page 2 - Please advice what to do?

Hi Guys

as i mentioned in the title, i can rank a rank to page 2 - 3 of google with no
hassle in less than 5 days using gsa and my other software.

But i cant get the my blog to move from page 2 to to page one, no matter
how many links i send to it via gsa, it always get stuck at page 2.

Please any advice on how i can get to position 1 - 3 on 1st page of google
will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


  • Tim89Tim89
    That's where the actual competition starts :)

    You need up your game at this point, if what you're doing isn't pushing you further up then you need more of what you're doing, how much more really depends on your niche.. but that's the game we play.

    Some people may say you are not able to get page 1 rankings as your anchor ratios aren't right, but I doubt that, if you're on page 2, you're doing something right, just double what your doing and wait.. if still no change, triple it :D.

    The reason I say I doubt that your anchors are the problem, is simply because I'm currently ranking an experiment site with no keywords, all branded and generics which is currently on page 2 within 2 weeks on a brand new domain in the finance niche which is extremely competitive.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Tim89 - are you usually able to break onto page 1 by doubling or tripling the # of SER links you build? Either way I'm giving it a try on a couple domains I have sitting on pages 2-3 :D
  • @Tim89 - thanks for your feedback, all you are saying is i should just keep blasting my blog with gsa, the wait for results?..
  • Tim89Tim89
    Primarily on the tier 2 level
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @tim89 what's your opinion on using foreign domains and sites in other languages beside English in your tier 2?
  • Thanks Tim89
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    @710fla it's not optimal but it still works, obviously if you can get links from sources/languages that your moneysite is associated with, over time it'll be a much better/relevant link.

    for example, your money site is from the USA, but your back links are coming from Brazil, it'll still rank you but to an extent, if someone else has a money site in your niche and they have a money site from the USA and their back links are also coming from the USA then their site will most likely outrank yours based of geo-trust which is an obvious statement to make, after all, why would a Brazilian residents' opinion of vouching for your site overall an American residents' opinion? Forgive the shoddy metaphor but it should make the concept much easier to understand.

    @mastino if you think you have pumped your money site with enough juice that it "should" be ranking for your keywords, skip the idea of doing more and just go buy a trust link building package and use branded keywords to link back to your site, thus increasing your money sites trust, that should do the trick, you can only assume its a trust issue if you know the niche your working with inside out, then you can make a clear judgement call as you can see the amount of links you've built to the rankings you've achieved, when I say trust link package, you'd want it to be relevant to your niche as well for optimal results.
  • edited July 2016
    my testing has shown that once you reach page 2 or 3 with GSA, sometimes you've done all you can do with these types of links. i've pushed past page 2 with some tf 10+ links, usually blog comments, but they inevitably get deleted and the ranking falls unless i leave it running constantly

    at that point you are probably better off just building different links like premium web 2s with something like rankerx, or even pbns
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    (this only concerns you if you have not built any trust to your site using PBNs) I would imagine one of the reasons people do get stuck on 2nd page is because there could be a waiting period, to see if or how many back links would potentially drop off before deeming your site worthy of having enough authority/juice to get to the first page, the more unreliable link sources you use, the more links will drop therefore you'll never make it to the 1st page(niches/keywords worth going for) if you are using the same methods.

    Trust is another big factor not so much the normal trust flow, but the topical trust flow, if you can manipulate this, then I believe the more trust your site has, the less google takes into consideration how much links you lose or have, so regardless if you're spamming the living daylight of your site and you lose a shed load of back links each day, it doesn't matter. Google would most likely see this as a negative seo attempt and disregard links at this point, but if you get to a tipping point where your topical trust is greater than the authority being built up by links, it won't matter, you'll be ranking on trust alone and relevance of inbound links.

    How do you get trust and relevance? Well I'm sorry, you can't, not with automated tools, well, you could potentially get a trusted/topical relevant back link here and there from a blog comment as @kijix84 mentioned but they are very unreliable, but good luck getting a decent long lasting link from an article or web2.0 using a backlinking tool, it's not gonna happen.

    I'm currently working on a method/strategy that manipulates topical trust flow but this will be for me only :P

  • ALEEGSALEEGS Argentina
    I ranked few spanish websites for high-medium competitive keywords using 100% english backlinks..
  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 just out of curiosity what was your T1 on that finance site?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @shaun what do you mean? The platforms? The anchors?
  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 platforms. Like is it SER, Web 2, PBN or a mix?

    Just got a low comp keyword to third in three weeks with just SER but have never tried it on stuff like finance or game hacks, it's on my list but just always have other stuff to do.

    Also, not sure if my contextual verified list is large enough for it yet but thats the main thing I am trying to increase these days. Just out of curiosity how many unique contextual domains do you have in your verified folder?
  • Tim89Tim89
    I don't solely use SER to rank any of my sites simply because the competition for even my long tail keywords are so high and I rank sites to stay at the top instead of churning although I do use SER on all my sites but not for the ranking power per-say of the tool, though it does contribute to my rankings some.

    I use a mixture of link sources in my strategy but in SER I only use Articles and Social Networks across all tiers, I don't bother using any other platform, I use PBNs, I use Web 2.0s.
  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 thanks for the reply, interesting.

    So I'm guessing you use SER for anchor text dilution and increasing reffering domains.

    Don't suppose you know how many verified domains you have for articles and social networks?

    I have just under 1000 contextual domains on my verified list now, the vast majority were re-verified last Monday so are alive although I will re-purge the list again tomorrow.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    I'm not sure entirely, I have multiple SERs on different machines all running with there own lists, I don't have a "master list".

    I've probably got quite a lot though to be fair, I have been using the tool for quite some time now and I have scrapebox scraping 24/7 which then dumps a raw list into PI and then.. gets transferred to another SER for processing which finally gets distributed to all my installs as and when I need to use them.
  • Tim89 is it okay do scrape Niche relevant lists for tier 1, when using SER?
  • Tim89Tim89
  • shaunshaun
    @tim89 fair one, similar set up to me. Are you using SER on your T1 along with other stuff or just on the lower Tiers?

    Been trying to workout what I want to do next, scale by going for all the low hanging fruit or start going for higher comp keywords and adding PBN and web 2 stuff.
  • Thanks guy, esp @shaun and @Tim89

    you have been really helpful, its high time i get testing out things..
    and also,shawn i left a pretty lengthy message in your inbox at bhw,
    i hope you get around to reply mi ;)

    and @Tim89 i have some personal question to ask you. will inbox you


  • @shaun my 2p is to go for high comp keywords with a PBN and you'll naturally pick up the low-hanging fruit, if you have plenty content on your money site/T1s.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2016
    No problem @mastino @Shaun I do use SER for a tier 1 campaign on all my sites yes, a 3 tiered structure consisting of contextual links nothing else, but I don't use SER to build keyword tier 1 terms, for keyword terms I stick to more reliable link platforms and especially for my big money main keywords I use PBNs because you don't want to be working on a money keyword for 6+ months building tiers for it to one day collapse as the tier 1 was built on a k2 contextual site by SER, you get my drift?

    For anyone else reading this, I don't doubt that SER can rank your terms very well and it is a good method to learn from actually, using SER to understand how things rank by setting up your campaigns using different ratios of anchor text and branding and generics, what I'm trying to say is, if you're a beginner then I recommend solely using SER, there's not point at all purchasing PBNs or creating proper Web 2.0s as this can get quite expensive and should only really be used for bigger more long term project, I don't want newcomers thinking or start saying they have built links with PBNs and Web 2.0s and aren't ranking, Don't want any PMs about that either lol, I get enough already.  

    As @JudderMan pointed out, when you use a PBN, you target primarily your main keywords if your PBNs are strong, those links will push you up in rankings for your longtail phrases for the main keyword you've back linked for naturally on the authority of the PBN alone, but for me, the niche I work with,even the longtails are quite hard and would need its' own set of exact match anchors alongside the PBNs but in most cases a PBN link will most definitely increase all long tail keyword rankings around your main keyword.
  • shaunshaun
    @judderman cheers, got a fair few keywords I have my eye on so I will set a test up over the weekend and see how it goes.

    @tim89 yea I get you, I try not to link with exact match anchors anyway.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited July 2016
    This is another really good thread. Thanks guys. FWIW, "So I'm guessing you use SER for anchor text dilution and increasing reffering domains" describes my philosophy, although it does power more of my rankings when I'm using a parasite.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Parasites rank so well because of the authority the root domain has, works just the same for posts/articles on an aged/powerful domain you find and purchase.
  • hi,
    just a quick question.., i have a small PBN ranking for many keywords, should i monetize them or just keep them blank and only linked to my moneysite? by blank, i mean no sidebar widgets being monetized..

    thanks for your reply
  • Web 2.0s + Tons of gsa ser links again SMM to money site will do the job.

    Since you are stuck on page 2 i would suggest you to do some crowd search :) (ofc only with residental Ips
  • any ideas anybody to my question? or do i have to start a new thread? would just prefer a yes or no from someone a bit more experienced though...

    thankyou for your reply..
  • @william88, if you can monitise them then you should probably go ahead and do that. Most people don't bother to monitise their PBN, but if you do, it will definitely look more legit.
  • 2Take2
    o.k., thanks for that, i'll just monitise the sidebars
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