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Most important things you need for GSE ser.

What are the most important things, you need to get GSE ser moving and working great ?

kind regards,


  • i Just asked a simple question.. BigGulpsHuhWelp
  • Not really... The answer is you need a lot of things to get SER working and all of that information is available in the wealth of information that is here for free on this forum. You just want someone to spell out how to use the software rather than learning for yourself and figuring it out for yourself.

    Learning and playing with the tool is the best part anyways, have fun.
  • Tim89Tim89
    hmm, I'd have to say, Proxies, you did ask what the most important thing you need for SER right?
  • shaunshaun
    A captcha solver like GSA CB.
  • HoochHooch South Africa
    Followed by lots of testing and patience ;-)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    You need to do at least enough research to ask decent questions.
  • Thanks Hooch , shaun , Tim89

    i buy private proxies about 50 every month, i buy AA list and i also have the Gsa captcha breaker. 

    The reason for my question is, i have read most of the post on this forum and people keep making reference to other tools outside of Gsa ser.. rankerx, Pr jacker, etc.. BigGulpsHuhWelp , redrays .
    So there's no need to get rude about it, its just a simple question.. or has it become a crime to ask question when you don't know something ? be nice, am not asking you to show me how to use GSA ser or share your secrets with me that's if there any..

  • JohanJohan UK
    edited June 2016
    Hello @snoweye the honest answer and perhaps why you get the smart asses coming out to play is that there's a multitude of uses for SER and it really does depend on what you intend to use it for. It was also a very general question :)

    Proxies and Captcha Breaker are essential IMO. If you're scraping your own lists to post to then GSA Platform Identifier will save time but if you're buying lists then it's not needed. I make good use of the URL Redirect product GSA also have, it's not essential but it works very well for me.

    Otherwise, a good source of emails are needed that don't burn out. I use catchall emails because I find them more reliable. I can recommend SEO Spartans for this but there are other kids on the block. If you have a VPS, a couple of throw away domains and some technical knowledge you can always make your own.

    Then as suggested, patience and lots of reading. Problem you'll find which is why I think you may have asked the question is that sometimes the more you read the less you know because a lot of info out there is just recycled, rehashed and often dated advice. Best suggestion I can give you is that all you need is right here on this forum, you don't need to look elsewhere to find it.

    But essentially you have all you need already, the only other addition I would recommend is a copy of Scrapebox. In fact my top 3 requirements are Scrapebox, GSA SER and a Brain. Other software is nice to have but I would only buy it as and when the need truly arises otherwise like expensive kids toys, you're in danger of spending a ton of cash on fancy gadgets you like the sound of but only play with once a year. I've got a cupboard full of those!

    Feel free to PM me if you have anything specific to ask, happy to help.

    Good luck!
  • Johan thanks a lot, really appreciate the time you took to explain.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @snoweye - you misspelled gsa in the title of the thread and your post, then asked a vague one sentence question. It looked lazy and just wasn't easy to answer, and my reply to you was intended as constructive criticism.

    Your longer explanation post is much clearer. You don't need anything beyond "private proxies about 50 every month, i buy AA list and i also have the Gsa captcha breaker" to get SER running well. The other tools like RankerX and PR Jacker serve very specific purposes and are not necessary - I'm not currently using either one. And you're right, there are no secrets, so get out there and test ;)
  • Oh Sorry redrays, i didn't realize i spelt GSA wrong. 

    Didn't know my question wasn't clear either.

    And also sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Kind regards,
  • snoweye i believe you asked the wrong questions, reading this thread and trying to figure out your intend in the questions.

    If you want to know what you need to run SER properly the questions has been answered... Proxies and if you care about your computer and internet get a VPS.

    If you dont plan to solve captchas by yourself then you need a captcha solver like CB

    If you plan to post to a lot of platforms that use email registration then you need a huge list of emails or use a method like catchall...

    If you plan to post to web2.0 then get RankerX and use SER as a second tier.

    If you want to post to new and non spammed sites then buy a fresh List.

    if you want to post to good authority sites only then buy PR Jacker and set your filters.

  • Don't buy PR Jacker- it doesn't really work anymore and frankly the developer is flakey at best.
  • rodol  Thank you. yea! i didn't actually ask the right question. but your answer explains everything i wanted to know.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp thanks, but what other alternatives are there to use apart from PR jacker?

  • Sven has a built in PR filter using Yandex TIC, seems to be good enough until Sven integrates a better metric filter.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    edited June 2016
    A tip from somebody already monetizing it. It beats everything the others told you. You don't even need a computer. ( Just ask Sven to make a mobile version, you use it on your cell phone )
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @snoweye - Don't buy extras like PR Jacker or some alternative to it just yet. I do suggest you buy a list. After you do that, get your feet wet by building links to parasites / tier 1 links. Once you're used to using SER, consider buying extras if you plan to use SER on your moneysites. Even then it's not totally necessary.
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