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Tier 1 Backlinks using gsa ser

hi i wanted to know if i can make tier 1 backlink using gsa ser?
is it safe?


  • Not really, no. Some people do it using their own content just to boost the referring domain page numbers but I wouldn't ever.
  • I agree with @BigGulpsWuhWelp . It seems like a few on here are able to do it and get results. Can't advise you as every case is different. For me, I only use SER tier 2+3, and there it works great for what I need. I have a PBN for Tier 1 and some 2.0's that are carefully used. I wouldn't risk an SER Tier 1 to a MS unless I was totally dialed in to what I was doing. 
  • It would be okay if it was your own money site- but client sites I would never ever ever ever risk it.
  • Tim89Tim89
    The main reason it isn't advised to use SER links as tier 1's is simply because they aren't reliable.

    If you have a clean private sitelist, which isn't spammed to death and the targets are reliable then I see no reason why you couldn't use SER to build your tier 1 links. (you could even set up your own private network of sites using some of the already supported platforms SER posts to and use this network as your own tier 1 source.)

    SER is good for pushing juice through to your tier 1 and 2 links at the masses and if the links fall off... so beit, spam some more, no big deal but if your tier 1 links fall off, you've lost that foundation plus any juice you've thrown at it which could be months of work even worse, if you lose your tier 1 links, it'll be difficult to establish the anchor ratios over time.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I agree with what @Tim89 said - the biggest issue with using SER for tier 1 is link loss. Longer term, it's possible that the domains linking to you will be marked as spam and stop counting / count against you. There's no proof that this happens, but there's compelling evidence that it's happened during the past few penguin refreshes.

    Here's my personal rule of thumb for using SER on tier 1 - can I afford to lose this website? For me, the answer is always yes unless:

    1. The website has strong, organic links that would be difficult for me to obtain again on a new domain.
    2. The website is part of an already established brand that would take me a while to rebuild.
    3. The domain is a very strong emd, something like, or is quite old, say 10+ years.

    Otherwise I'm happy to use SER on tier 1.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp - missed your comment about client sites. Agree 100%.
  • shaunshaun
    Pretty much what Tim and redrays said.
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