How to Verify and post scrapebox scraped backlinks ?

i have scraped backlinks using scrapebox. i am trying to get it verify ready for submission sith GSA.

These are the steps i have done.

1. Create 1 new project 
2. Clear project url cache and history 
3. Project  options. Url to target  
> unchecked  all search engines 
> unchecked all options in url to target

Then  i went on to import target url from files . It showed that 3000+ urls imported
then i have run the project as verify only 

however gsa within seconds returns no more url to verify ...

Am i missing something about the whole process?


  • Tim89Tim89
    You should not be setting a campaign to verify only and then import a new list.. this means you are telling SER to verify links that you have imported with a url that you have entered into your campaign, SER will return no verifications simply because it hasn't built any links to those new targets you have scraped..

    All of the above is fine, but do not set the campaign to verify only, this will do nothing but instead insert a dummy url into the campaign, such as or and allow the campaign to run, the campaign will go through all your scraped targets and then it will verify what it has posted to, leaving you a clean verified list... which you will then use in your real projects, straight from your verified list source.
  • This is the error i am now getting after following the above steps :

    No target to post to ( no search engines chosen, no site list enabled, n url extracton , no scheduled posting )

    what am i doing wrong ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    You need to import your scraped targets to your project

  • Yes . i know . i had done that obviously  and gsa said that 33000 links were imported. but i still get the following error :

    No target to post to ( no search engines chosen, no site list enabled, n url extracton , no scheduled posting )

    what else could i be doing wrong ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Right click on your project and click "Show urls > Show remaining target urls"

    This will show you all of your targets, if there is no targets in there then you haven't imported your list correctly.
  • i did import 

    Then when i run , all links seem to be disappearing within seconds 
  • Tim89Tim89
    Accepted Answer
    There seems to be something wrong with your proxies, SER can't connect to the targets due to sock errors..

    What type of proxies are you using?

  • am using the free proxies from ser
  • Tim89Tim89
    well they are not doing the job
  • its not a proxy error look at that screenshot. the URLs are all jacked up in format with spaces between everything

    the URLs you are importing are distorted, you need to fix that
  • edited May 2016 Accepted Answer
    Check the list you import. If you use scrapebox, set your default export format to ansi. It's unicode by default and makes exporting to gsa ser a mess.

    Do this and your problem will be solved.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Could very well be a format issue, did not look at the urls.
  • Thanks Tim89 and
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