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How to do a quality link building with GSA SER ?

I  request all experts to comment on this questions, it will help many people 
How to do a quality link building with GSA SER ?


  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    You just off everything GSA SER warns you the results will be low.. :) 

    You keep everything on GSA warns you it's unethical to do (like forums)

    and you go for it.. 
    set the filters to none spammy links (less than 5 links on page for example) 
    set pr value to minimum 1.

    and blast it.. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    You just off everything GSA SER warns you the results will be low.. :) 

    (put it on I mean, there are several buttons that trigger this, like the keyword scrape functions)
  • i did still not getting results
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2016
    How fast do you expect to see these results?

    If you're targeting a keyword within a niche that no one is targeting at all, then expect quick rankings within a couple of weeks, but a niche that has a keyword which is targeted by no one is quite rare and perhaps non-existent unless you're trying to rank for a brand name which no one has.


    it'll take at least a couple of months to see any decent change in competitive terms, it'll take even more time if you're solely using SER to rank without the use of better quality links or PBNs.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2016
    For example, this is one of my projects, in the financial niche, quite competitive, long tail keywords all with competition;


    and these are the main keywords I'm targeting which all have over a few thousand searches per month which would yield a very good return.


    These rankings didn't appear over night, or weeks, the site I'm working with was a brand new domain and has had to be nurtured with a mixture of link types and PBNs not solely SER to gain its' authority, this is month(s) of work offpage and I'm still not where I want to be with this site, eventhough once I hit page one for all these keywords the site should be making a substantial amount in earnings simply due to the volume of searches each keyword has, so I'll just wait and see.

    This site has had SER campaigns directly to the site but not for any of the keywords I'm targeting.

    Each project is unique, each niche is unique, SEO is a job, the sooner people understand this the better, the sooner people start treating each of their affiliate sites as a business, the faster they'll rank.

    If you want a quick way of ranking, I suggest you go to blackhatworld or something and read some PPI journeys or something because SEO isn't going to be for you.
  • @Tim89

    I got into a massive argument with some kid on BHW about whether he should blast his site directly with SER or not. I opted against not using SER with spun content directly at their sites but then everyone jumped on me and suggested I have no idea what I am doing lol. 

    Of course I keep my actual knowledge and skills off a public forum- why would I share all the things I know for free with my competitiors. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2016
    Running a few SER campaigns to new domains NOT for the keywords your targeting can be effective for growing a new domains authority, it can not really harm a domain for the keywords you want to rank for..

    I certainly wouldn't recommend trying to rank for actual keyword terms though and also I control the campaigns that are hitting my site.
  • For newer sites I prefer to use social platforms and services. 
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