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Wildly fluctuating rankings when using SER

Just wondering if anyone else has the same experience when using SER

I've got multiple campaigns running on different sites targetting the same keyword using different strategies.

One failed completely (though I guess it could be called a success for negative seo)

The next one went from 62 to 19, then jumped back to 58. I stopped building links when it dropped, and it is now back at 19 again (??)

The next site started at 60, went to 54, back to 60, down to 48, back to 60, and is now at 42.

Should I be concerned about this? Is this normal with the sites you rank?

Appreciate any feedback.


  • Its not SER , if those websites are less than 6 months old then you have a normal fluctuation . If they are aged it will fluctuate less but it will happen still.. you send links to your MS directly from ser?
  • yes, i use strict filters. these sites are established longer than 6 months.
  • Tim89Tim89
    The bouncing of rankings are completely normal if you're actively building links to the site, once the site gains enough authority/traction, you will start to see less and less bouncing.

    The above is what mainly causes the bouncing but there are other reasons to fluctuating rankings too.
  • you can use layer to reduce fluctuation but there could be other reasons , you should keep on sending links and see what happen.
  • imo, sending links directly to your site from SER is a risky thing to do. I would much rather send the SER links to my PBN and protect my money sites. 
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @viking I'm interested with your statement that you would rather send the SER links to PBN, I forgot where the exactly but it is on this GSA forum, somebody (forgot also the name) said "if it is not good for money site, why do you think it is good for PBN too?"

    I would like to know, the concept of PBN is by using aged domain which has backlinks already so it will give juice links to money site. Or you can use any domain and just hit it with GSA. Could you explain it?
  • @sage

    You can send Ser to buffer sites and then send those to PBN's. I wouldn't hit PBN directly with ser. 
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp is the buffer sites do you mean can be a url shortener service?
  • @sage I have built out my own pbn over the last ten years. right now i have over 40 pbn sites, spread across hosts, c-blocks, etc etc. no footprints. the way i view seo now is totally different than i used to. now i view my pbn as most view their moneysites. my pbn's pass great authority and more importantly they protect my moneysites. I have made mistakes in the past and lost a moneysite. not a fun thing. so now i lean more to the cautious way of doing things because at the end of the day you just don't know what changes are coming to the indexes down the road. in this way, less is more. my pbn's have 100% unique content, good onsite structure, and good link profiles. 
    i don't send SER to my ms or pbn. i manually build some 2.0's and also use FCS. Those point to my pbn, and those are what receive the SER links in tiers.
    I am not saying my way is better or worse than any other. Rather, I am urging caution based on my past experience to make sure whatever you send at your MS is extremely high quality. I would rather have one great link than 10,000 crap links. That is why I made comment that I would rather have the risk at the pbn level than the ms level.
    as @BigGulpsHuhWelp suggests, something like a FCS provides a good buffer between SER and PBN. Whatever you use for buffer, you are adding an extra layer of protection. I think there are a few services that do the same thing and it is just personal preference; FCS, Rankwyz, etc.
    Good luck!
  • people put too much faith in tiering as far as safety imo. your money site can get penalized for links in your tier 2 or 3. i've seen it happen just last month on a project i was testing. 
  • Right, but youre more likely to get slapped by using SER directly than using tiers. 
  • @kijix84 that is exactly why I have a pbn. legit sites that will bear the blow of any penalty. my ms is protected from tiers.
  • Been using SER only on many sites for as long as I've owned my licenses. I just don't see what peoples problems are with it. Use it properly and you get results. I use it on my money sites and clients sites. Never had a penalty in 3 years and before that Senuke xcr never had a penalty for 2-3 years of using that.
  • edited May 2016

    Yeah, its a polarizing issue. I prefer not to use it on money sites- keeps everyone a bit more calm.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @viking, Thanks for clarified it, now it's clear for me.

    What you and @BigGulpsHuhWelp adviced I believe more safe for long run, of course we never predict future. At least that is what working till now.

    @JudderMan: right, nothing is exact actually on SEO, there will involve many of variables for e.g: the keyword competition, how is your backlinks profiles, etc. We never know before we tested by ourself.

    If you can generate only high DA/PA backlinks with GSA SER to your money site directly I think it will work too and you may not get penalized. Still need to do more testing again and again. I'm learning from you all guys. 

    Thanks to all. Cheerss..... :)
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    If there is activity then there will be fluctuations. That is a sign that there are factors involved and Google is adjusting.

    With regard to a protection layer of buffer sites, I understand the rationale behind it but if it was really the case then the buffer you are blasting to would be a site that should have had a penalty a long time ago!

    Unless your buffers are all no follow, the bad link profile will still reach your site. I think it mainly depends with what you are blasting to. If you have a money site that could have problems by losing that source of income, then you need to add other peoples links into the mix so that it is a needle in a haystack.
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