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Hello guys, i am new at GSA and general in SEO.

I have setup and run 2 projects for my personal (brand new ) websites. GSA run smoothly but i have some questions about :

One of my project setup is like this :


The first Question is , how long should i run the project for better and "safe" results ? Should i stop it every some hrs/days/weeks submissions or verification's ?? And re run it again?

Or can i run it as much as i want without problem?

Is there any "written" or "unwritten" rules about the GSA usage PER campaign ?

Regards to all.


  • I do things differently to everyone else it seems. Think of a pyramid. I stop the T1s when the pointy end is still pointy. The T2 is a little fatter and so on. What matters is the ratio. Obviously the more links is actually better, as long as you stick to the ratio.

    For example 1:10:1000 is a good start. Play around with it with NF/DF/contextual and non. Do double pyramids. Do weird shapes that no one can describe. Draw in on a big piece of paper or Ranker X diagram creator. Once you can 'see' it, you should test it.

    I've been running most projects for about 2.5 years non-stop.
  • JudderMan Thanks for your answer , really helped me to get some important infos. 2.5 years non stop!!! Wow, that's impressive.... and no penalties from google?
  • Just to add: XMind would be a great tool for the drawing part and it's free, give it a shot!
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Another great tool for drawing diagrams, mind maps, etc is :

    It's free and runs on Mac, Linux, Windows.
  • przamundaprzamunda Madrid
    edited April 2016
    Thank you @s4nt0s I´ve been looking for something like this
  • @s4ntos @spiritfly thanks for the links, like przamunda I too have been looking for a free version of something I can use like this, really helpful

    @Chrisad Hi, the answer from JudderMan is a good one but I would just add that what works for one niche/website isn't always going to work elsewhere. 

    Example: If you have an aged domain that you're looking to breathe new life into, it'll be able to withstand more back links being built in a shorter time period than a website you bought yesterday that's likely to get sandboxed if you build too much too soon. 

    Then you need to look at the keywords you're targetting. Highly competitive ones are going to generally need more juice than low search volume long tail words. So, you'll need a different solution for both.

    So the answer really is it depends. JudderMan's approach is a good starting point but you'll need to play around with your own numbers.

    Better to take it slowly and need to build more links than take it fast and burn your site to the ground.  GSA SER is a great tool but it's not a magic wand and it should be used IMO to replicate human / natural link building. So your first step is to figure out what a natural back link profile looks like, then seek to replicate it.

    Softly Softly Catchee Monkey.

    Hope that helps.
  • Well said Johan.

    Santos and spiritfly, those look great. Perfect for the way my mind works best.

    Op, I'm more into high auth links and pbns now backed up with SER fwiw.
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