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How do you host several hundreds of PBN sites?

grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
Hi guys, it's not related to SER but it's still an SEO question. I manage several hundred pbns and it's growing every day. It can be messy when some sites are down because one of the providers messed up. And the more sites I have, the more problems and errors I have to deal with. 

what are your solutions for hosting PBN network? I'm talking about at least 100+ sites


  • @Grax1 take a look at

    Know the guy who runs it and I was involved in the beta
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    edited April 2016
    cheers @davbel I'll have a look. What I don't like about seo hosting is that Google could easily target them, but again, they're quite efficient when it comes to set up and management. 
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    I'll be ready in 1-2 weeks with a fully managed PBN + Wordpress Manager system. Just import your domains, point your DNS records, and in minutes you'll have a fully custom Wordpress site with no footprints setup automatically and ready for you to start posting content. All of this will be hosted amongst 60+ different cloud and shared hosting providers to eliminate all possible footprints :)
  • Thanks for the mention Davbel :) I'm the guy who runs if you've got any questions Grax1. Don't want to turn this into a sales thread (you can find that here ;) ) but will just quickly say that where we differ from most SEO hosting is that it is highly unlikely you will share IPs with other SEOs. 

    We use a CDN so there's a pool of around 400,000 global IPs that are dynamically assigned and change frequently, so it is extremely difficult for Google to assume they are all owned by the same person. They are also shared by millions of great authority sites rather than the dross you tend to see on shared hosts.

    As an example, we've seen our PBN domains share IPs with government organisations like NASA, huge fashion brands and international NGOs and sporting federations such as the Olympics. 

  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @namdas any trial available? I'd like to get in, install one domain and have a look before I commit, let me know if that is possible.
  • @grax1 just go for it mate I've just bought can its pretty slick. Although @namdas the bulk domain thing wasn't working. I'll send you a pm about it.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I bought it cause I've seen it has 30 day money back guarantee. Yeah the options seem pretty good
  • Hey @Judderman I haven't had a PM about the bulk import yet - you can contact me through the site too if its easier than on here. It looks like you created the sites as 'HTML' rather than as blogs though, so there was no content to display. I've fixed it for you now.

    Yes, there is a 30 day guarantee instead of a demo account - less mess and I'm very friendly so no quibbles if you decide you don't like it :)
  • I have been using pbn hosting for a while now. Easy to use, no more wordpress mess.
  • The thing with those new "PBN hosting" companies is that they really aren't really PBN/SEO hosting, they are just hosting your sites (limiting you from other softwares besides Wordpress) with VPS providers and all of their IPS are shared.. then you are forced to use Cloudflare or Cloudfront, but if your money site gets most of it's powerful links from CDN provider IPs, it can be easily a footprint and then those companies charge like $5+ per website which is absolutely ridiculous. I personally prefer hosting from Priority Prospect: with them you actually get dedicated IPs so you don't share your IPs with anyone.. also you actually get access to cPanel. That means you can do whatever you want. Also their system is not like shared hosting where you need to log in to million cPanels. There's just 1 cPanel and you get dedicated IPs from all over the world. My 30 site was split between 2 super popular "seo" hosts and they all got deindexed. Now I have been with Priority prospect for year and a half or so.. and all of my sites are indexed and there are no issues. So what beginner PBN builders need to understand is what exactly is PBN hosting and what is that website hosting on VPS providers what all those big "PBN hosting" companies do. Even when you buy servers and get IPs from datacenters.. even that is a lot more cheaper. What it seems is that people are just looking for a network management tool which those companies technically offer and with that people get blinded and think that using shared IPs from AWS etc is a good idea. Those cloud hosting services don't allow multiple IPs per server that means to cover all those expenses those companies need to cramp tons of people into 1 server to cover those costs which means you have all kinds of bad and good PBN sites on your IP and Google can slap all of those sites on those IPs.

    Ok, end of rant!

    tldr: Shared IP cloud VPS hosting is just as good as regular shared hosting and people are getting ripped off with all those shiny words and bells and whistles. People should buy their own hosting or stick with shared hosting if they are on a budget to save money and if people are going with SEO hosts then they need to make sure the provider provides dedicated IPs not shared.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    You bumped a year old thread to shill for some hosting company no one has ever heard of? Go fuck yourself.
  • LMAO! Actually no, I just explained how I see it and what I am doing. I did dropped a link, but only because I wanted to share one of the best choices in my opinion. If I could edit my post, I might remove my link and all references to them,  but I can't and I'm not here to please you. So if a moderator wants, I don't mind when my post gets edited.. but it doesn't change the story. Prove me wrong.. instead of being such asshole.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    The last post in this thread, before yours of course, was in April 2016. How did you find it? Why would you possibly be searching for it if you have no need for pbn hosting?
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    Lolz, I miss this forum
  • So what do you guys suggest ? i am with easypbn and great!just hate pricing.
  • Jason_bourne, did you check our PBN? our price is half of everyone out there and we offer 65 locations

  • @solidseovps cool I didn't know you guys did that. I am looking to diversify from my sole pbn provider. Might just use yours too...a lil recurring discount would be great ;-0
  • @solidseovps  @JudderMan

    Easyblognetworks can't beat but they are closed. They use big guys like amazon ,inmotion etc. 

    Any idea ? I am a big fan of solid SEO vpss but i highly doubt SEO hosting plans.

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  • Anonymous   Damn dumb asshole ha ha you are the man i love you mmmaaah! Wish if there is reputation system to flood you in reps ;) 
  • @JudderMan @tohcosumpfoots1981

    We had it since July 2015 so its been few years now, had nothing but great reviews about it, you can start with a small package see if it works for you and escalate from there

    You can use this coupon for our SEO hosting, however the price is half you will find anywhere


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    BHW10% suggests it's being raped by idiots on BHW. :(
    1$ per server. Hundreds of IPs. fairly good deal. I use them for my PBN hosting.
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