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PBN.HOSTING ★ Forget IP Footprints ★ Host Your PBN In The Cloud ★ Launch Sites In Seconds, Not Hours

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PBNs are still one of the strongest weapons in a blackhat's arsenal that is sure to get sites ranked fast.


But the process of finding fresh hosts, diversifying Ips, launching new sites and tweaking themes, permalinks and more to keep your blogs looking unique has always been a massive chore - until now.


What if you could launch a fresh blog in 30 seconds or less? Simply paste in your domain name, click a button and have a blog built for you in an instant? All that is left is for you to set your nameservers and upload some content!


Wouldn't that be great?

Now what if you could paste in a list of twenty or fifty domain names, click a button, and have them built in an instant for you? What if everything - from permalinks to themes to author names - was randomized on your behalf to minimize footprints?


How about taking a list of 100 spun articles, selecting a network to post to, and scheduling the articles to drip out across your entire blog network over  the course of a month - while you get on with improving your real site's content and conversions?


Better still, what if you could instantly restore multiple sites from's Wayback Machine, just by pasting in URLs and setting your nameservers? Then make edits to the original pages across multiple domains, with no need for spreadsheets or juggling FTP passwords?


Imagine if you could then add a blog to those old Wayback sites, maintaining the old design, look and feel - but posting fresh content just as easily as if it were another blog in your network?


You can do all this and more at


So how does it all work?


  • We use Amazon's CDN to hide in a crowd of over 3 million high quality websites - no more sharing dirty IPs with other SEOs and poorly run websites


  • With almost 400,000 IP addresses dynamically chosen based on the browser's location, it is impossible for Google to use your hosting IPs to tie your sites together. Hosting IP effectively stops being a footprint.


  • We don't use Wordpress - we use blazingly fast static HTML sites, making setup a breeze, and giving us the flexibility to put a blog where other solutions can't.


  • Free Wayback machine downloads allow you to preserve a site's old content and url structures - not to mention the old backlinks - with no downloads, uploads or unzipping


  • Pure HTML hosting is possible out of the box. Just drag, drop and unzip.


  • We monitor your network's Majestic metrics and Google Index counts so you can keep tabs on your blogs health


  • No more flaky $10 hosts. No more setting up MySQL tables or hunting for passwords. 

  • No more sharing IPs with other SEOs


  • Host your domains from as little as $0.99 per domain, per month.

Why not sign up today?


  • this sounds way too convenient. can we hear some of the risks?

    using amazons CDN could be a footprint on its own, would it not?
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @kijix84 then don't host your entire network there, use some normal hosting, this service, some seo hosting for lower quality sites and you'll dilute the footprint
  • Apologies, I missed this message. Worth noting that Amazon is one of the biggest CDNs with millions of sites using it.  But Grax is exactly right - diversity is best, and who has 100% of their links coming from PBNs anyway? 
    With a mix of socials, web20s, blog posts, guest posts, niche directories  etc you should already have good diversity.

    Regardless, we should be adding 2-3 more CDNs within a month or so, which will make our service even more diverse.
  • So much better than anything else I've ever used for managing networks. I was a beta tester and have upgraded to a paid plan. Probably have to upgrade again soon.

    Really wish I'd built this, it's amazing.
  • do you have a trial?
  • ALEEGSALEEGS Argentina
    I will consider it. What if i need to redirect all 404 errors to the homepage?
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