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URL Metrics Scanner not working after the V1.67 update

I have tried ALL combination to check all metrics, but the scanner still cant check ALL data, except PR data.
I have tried to reinstall it but it is still now working.

May I know how can I solve this problem?


  • SvenSven
    right now there are problems with MOZ API and proper integration. We will fix that soon. Though every other metric data should be available. Majestic needs good proxies, many are banned.
  • same here
    nothing is working not even self made private proxies, not even 1 test site check with real ip
  • The Metrics Scanner hasn't worked for me in any of the versions since 1.60.  Every time there is a new version I update and test and none of the metrics are returned.

    Then I fire up 1.60 and run the same list through and it works.

  • Today (as of this morning) PR has been removed from Google so that will return only zeros now. As Sven stated, the Moz API has changed so that also returns nothing at the moment.

    derdor, how are you putting in your own private proxies into this tool? Is there a way to do that?
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    outrigger999 of course mate.
    Click add then either click manually, from file, or clipboard, and add your own proxies.

    Format is Login:Password@IP:Port
  • so in this moment the tool is not working ? It does not deliver TF or CF ? Because I just bought it and it does not give me any results .. only 500 internal error or othet type of errors or just not crawled . Any news? If its not working when it should be fixed @sven
  • SvenSven
    There is currently a big hype on this metrics data now that google shut down PR. We are thinking on a solution here but it might take some days. I don't want to add some filter that has to be shut down again the next day. Customers need some reliable solution here. I want you to be patience.
  • Sure no problem , we will wait as much as its needed . But my question is : metrics are not working right now also on GSA proxy scraper?
  • SvenSven
    MOZ has been removed from there, PR is shut down by google, rest of the API should work. Majestic however needs good proxies as they seem to have banned almost all publics I know.
  • ok , I will try again now qith my own proxy
  • it gives error even with private proxy .
  • SvenSven
    what error? Please be a bit more detailed.
  • 403 and 500 internal server error
  • SvenSven
    can you make a screenshot please?
  • yes tomorrow now its week end and by the way it does not work for many people @sven so you should be veyr well aware of this . I ve bought ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS and I wonder how you can nit know about this issue.
  • SvenSven
    you are not giving any details thats the problem "403 error or 500 internal error" is not helping. I would need proxies, settings and so on. And yes its weekend so don't expect me to be available all the time.
  • @Sven all people who are using PS telling you the same thing. It is not about proxies. I have self made proxies which entire D class belong to me more then 3 years. Yet still i can't get any results from Majestic as well. And same goes for me too only 403 and 500 internal errors.

  • SvenSven
    @derdor well I have my reasons to ask the same again and again as I have experiences over ears with such things. People complain about the same thing again and again and it usually turns out too not be a bug in the software. However next version is already done and supports some other metric data and I will try getting Majestic work again.
  • Thanks Sven , we support you is just all about making everything better togheter
  • @Sven as an ex-coder i totally understand you. When people tell something like "It is not working" that wont do any help to coder.
    Thanx for the new version. Gonna check soon
  • @sven does the last proxyscraper version work real time like prjacker , if yes how to make it work?
  • SvenSven
    theguruland yes it does. Once you start it, you would click..
    1. Tools->URL Metric Scanner
    2. Click on "Emulate Google PR"
    3. Let it use as interface and choose from the combobox what it should use as replacement.
  • @sven , thank you for the update it seems like working but not with the latest update . In any case this tool could be perfect if there was an option to export the verified list in real time and save it in a txt or gsa file! So that we could have a verified list ready to use and already passed trough proxy scraper metrics. You think is possible?
  • SvenSven
    sorry but I don't get what tool you mean now and what in detail you want to save!?
  • @sven , the list of created urls . Proxy scraper will filter good urls and give it to ser..can we save those?
  • SvenSven
    well once you finished the scanning within PS, you can always export that and before remove things and stuff.
  • @sven , yes I know thanks for that . I would like to know if its possible to have an option to save the list while its submitting to SER . If that option could be available we could save a lot of time cleaning the list . For example PRjacker had that option , you could save links and metrics ( metrics are quite unuseful in my opinion) let me know and thanks .
  • SvenSven
    you mean that PS should log all the metric data to a file with "URL<tab>Metric"? No matter what it is from (imported urls or PR emulation)?
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    i second that request from theguruland. 
    it would also be great to have a 'monitor' option like  platform identifier has for folders, so Metrics Scanner would detect new files. that way it can be used in two ways

    1. SER sends unfiltered URLs to the Metrics Scanner, it sends back PR to SER and SER decides what to do with it based on your settings (post to URL or not post) <- the way it currently works

    2. Use Metrics Scanner by itself, set to Monitor the folder GSA PI Exports its site lists to. Metrics Scanner then determines the emulated PR of each URL and saves a NEW site list filtered to your needs (PR 1+, PR 5+ etc) <-- new addition

    you could also build in this type of support to GSA Platform identifier itself to communicate with GSA PS Metrics Scanner as a second option since the current Moz filter in PI isn't really feasible

  • Sven, can you please fix Moz API in URL metrics scanner? Majectic work fine but nothing about Moz.
    If use old 1.46 version still get some Moz data but just partial.
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