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100+ Hight PA Expired Web 2.0 blacklinks to My Money Site with LTPro Low Competition Anchors But...

Hey, Everyone

I have some questions here,
I've built 100+ PA 27+ Web 2.0 like Tumblr, Weebly and 5+ web 2.0s with main KW or LSI KWs to my money site.

Web 2.0 State:
1. At least have 8+ niche related 600+ words super spun articles with pictures or videos
2. Each article at least has 1 link to niche related power links like .edu or .gov or DA 60+
3. Anchors to Money site - Main KW, LSI KWs, Brand KW, Pure URL
4. Every Web 2.0 hammered with 3 tier GSA SER project, Web 2.0 <- PR3+ <- PR1+ <- PR0+
5. Every Web 2.0 hammered with Normal Web 2.0s <- 3 tier GSA SER project

On-Page State:
1. Main KW Yoast Score: Green
2. SEMRush Whole Site SEO Score: 78+
3. SEO Power suite WebSite Auditor Main KW Score: 85+
4. DA:33, PA:20+ , Domain CF:33, TF: 17
5. Post Social Share: F- 30+, T- 30+, P- 30+ and others total- 30+
6. Google Page Speed: Mobile 65+, Desktop 85+

Off-Page State:
1. Total Root Domain Backlinks: MOZ- 318, ahref- 12,884, SEMRush- 877, G Webmaster- 83,242 with 388 domains
(I've use link blast for like a week after I bought GSA SER, but most G Web master Backlinks from Power Social or Web 2.0 Site)
2. 10+ PBN, with DA 9-33 PA 11-40, Most of my PBN don't rank any keyword few ranked niche related KW
3. PBN hammered with Normal Web 2.0 <- GSA SER Blast
4. PBN use different Host but same provider, hide all WHOIS trace, and 4 themes, custom Logo
5. Each PBN have 100+ niche related spun articles

KW Ranked: (All Keyword competition Score from Long Tail Pro)
1. All Ranked KWs: 363 from SEMRush
2. Page 1- 0, Page 2-4 30+ from SEMRush
3. Olny 6 keyword search volume over 1,000 from SEMRush
4. Search Traffic: 5/day from SEMRush
6. Ranked on Page 2-4 Keyword competition Score: under 45
7. Ranked on Page 5+ Keyword competition Score: under 65
8. The KW I hummered hardest ranked 50-60 witch KCS is under 30

What I've Learned from what I Done:
1. On-page Matters A LOT
a. Yoast recommened KW density is way to many, try use different on-page tools.
b. Page Speed can make your rank jump
2. Hight PA Web 2.0 can help you rank, but only ranked not ranked on page 1
3. Never turst KW competition from Google Keyword Planner, try other tools
4. Content quantaty don't help you rank, I had 200+ articles than I delete 160+ and my rank comes up

Here comes the question:
I never ranked on page one, need some insights
1. Should I disvaw spammy looks backlinks?
2. Should I hammer my PBN like my money site?
3. My GSA SER template is like this, I didn't really dig into GSA SER Template, any suggestions?
4. Any Blackhat or Whitehat SEO suggestion?

As a return I will sent 3 Available PA 27+ Tumblr Expired Doamin, to first 30 Useful Answers,



  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2016
    There are quite a few more factors at play that you need to document.

    How old is your moneysite?
    What niche are you trying to rank in?
    Are you trying to rank for highly competitive terms?

    I wish it was that easy to just build 100 expired tumblr links mate but it's not, those links would be a good starting point though.

    Also you state that each PBN has 100 spun articles on them? Try using unique articles and only having 20+/- posts per PBN, with 100 posts, you'll be diluting the juice quite a lot to the point they'll be worthless.

    PBN's are not meant to be spammed with posts, they lose their juice more and more when you create outbound links.

    Normally you'd want a PBN for each niche you're targeting and you could get away with ranking multiple moneysites using the same PBNs.
  • Thanks, Tim

    My site is under 1-year-old, WeightLoss Niche, My Main KWs have low competition score of long tail pro(under 31).

    It's true, it took me a lot of time to build 100+ 27+ PA web 2.0s(not just Tumblr). And like I said I also hammered these 27+ PA web 2.0s with 3 tier GSA SER, till today none of my KWs ranked on page 1.

    About the PBN I'll reduce the posts replace them with unique articles,

    3 27+ PA Expired tumblr domain sent, please check your inbox

    Thanks, again
  • Tim89Tim89
    The weightloss niche, from what I know about it, is very competitive.

    Sometimes, even if a keyword you are targeting is considered low competition, you also have to factor in the niche competition in general, the domain needs to gain enough authority in order to compete for these keywords, its more of a domain authority now rather than optimising for individual keywords.

    Try to increase your domains authority in general by using branded anchor text links on high authority domains, once you've established the domain/brand, then concentrate on obtaining high authority/PBN keyword anchor links.

    If a domain doesn't have the authority to compete in a niche, it won't rank for the keywords regardless.
  • dannyorder Just wondering what is your current ranking positions?

    Would be great if you can share an update regarding any improvements and what else you done to make it work.
  • edited August 2016
    I have to post this on iPad for unknown reason I can't make my word organized, sorry for this. @rana1863 1. Just like @Tim89 mentioned the keyword is wayyyyyyy too competitive. So now I change my strategy. I besides High PA web2.0s I also need edu blog post and high authorities back links(like PR). I just changed for like 2 weeks and now some of my keyword start to rank from nothing to page 5 to 3. 2. I use too much "Main" keywords 3. Before all my article is super spun articles from paid spun article service, and the content may just not SEO targeted enough. 4. I also changed the tiers stature into more platform targeted instead of the simple burn and churn stature, you may get some inspiration from costly SEO service on fiver, blackhatworld, seoclerks and so on. Basically The main stature I use is parasite+buffer site. 5. The strategy above can only work with low competitive keywords, I think the main competition factor for the same KD(Longtail pro) keywords is the quantity of search result, I only use maybe 10 High PA web2.0s with gas tiers to rank my site on page 2.( keyword is like popular CB weightless product+review) Still straggling...haha Thanks for asking :)
  • Hi @dannyorder

    You don't have a PBN under the scenario you outline. In a super competitive niche you aren't going to rank with your current set up. I am assuming from all the work you put in to this, it is not a churn-n-burn effort and you want a long term rank. In that case, you need real a PBN. The set up you have would then point at the PBN, and the PBN would go to your MS. That should move the needle for you.

    Good luck.
  • @viking

    I do have PBN, I forget to mentioned.
    But my own PBN aren't powerful, so I bought PBN post from others on fiverr.

    From my opinon, high PA web 2,0s seems as powerful as qulity PBN,
    I have bought 20 PBN post to rank a CB weightloss product, and it ranked at page 2 with no other links.
    I have built 10-15 high PA web2.0s to rank an other CB weightloss product also ranked at page 2 with no other links. (GSA burn and churn tiers to support high PA 2.0)

    Than I bought extra 20 PBN links to the high PA web2.0 ranked keyword, and 2 EDU blog post. The keyword had ranked one page 1 for one day...

    Now I'm trying to make the keyword stick on page 1.

  • "But my own PBN aren't powerful, so I bought PBN post from others on fiverr."

    I would suggest that you concentrate on increasing the authority of your PBN instead of using fiverr. Those PBN posts will have been $5 too much. Think about it, what would you do with a huge authority site? Use it as part of your own PBN network and make bank on your money sites or use it to sell guest posts for $5 a pop on Fiverr?

    Don't waste your money mate.
  • Johan how do you recommend increasing the authority of a PBN?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @dannyorder - do you have a good feel for how much money you can make if you are able to rank on page one? To me, a big part of successful seo is making realistic calculations about how much money it costs to rank and how much money I'll make once I do. I would be very, very hesitant to invest serious time / money into something like a PBN if I couldn't make these calculations. Instead, I would look at various ways to rent links, figure out what's needed to rank, and get a feel for how profitable those rankings are.
  • edited August 2016
    @redrays , you are right!

    In fact, I never do a detailed calculations of how much money I can make by ranking my site on page one.
    I put a lot of effort into SEO a little effort into Pinterest, by now Pinterest pays back maybe 100 times more than SEO. 

    I'm selling CB weight loss products; I have no others data to compare with. Here's my status,

    Every 2500 views can generate 1 order.
    Every view generates around $0.01.
    Almost all of my traffic come from Pinterest, 20% spam repins, 80% high-quality unique pin and Search <1%.
    I trying to boost my conversion rate, tried several new sale copies. But not improved.
    For CB product conversion, is my site doing well?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @dannyorder - congratulations on your success with Pinterest. Have you thought about investing your resources into scaling that up instead of trying to do seo? That's an awesome ROI.

    Unfortunately I don't do anything with CB either, so I can't give you direct feedback. If you want to make a back of the envelope calculation on seo, you could take the monthly searches for the keywords you're targeting, divide by 2 (iirc, the #1 result gets something like 50% of the clicks), and multiply by your current earnings per view, $0.01.

    For example, if you were targeting keywords with a total of 100,000 monthly searches, that would work out to $500 in revenue per month. It's not perfect, but it should give you a rough idea of how much you can afford to invest. If the number is high, it might make sense to invest in a pbn, or in powering up your pbn. If the number is low, the answer is probably cheap spam.
  • I tried to scale up my pinterest twice, and....all my accounts and some of my site been BANNED.
    I tried to reason with pinterest, but no luck.
    My site doesn't look like a typical affiliate site, in my article did have lots affiliate links.
    When my pinterest account starts to rock, attract their attention and ban.
    Still trying to figure it out! How to rock pinterest selling CB products without ban.

    @redraysThanks for your advice!
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @dannyorder - no problem. Can't help you on the banning issue. Have you tried getting help on bhw?
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