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how to create TF>30 using only GSA? (yes, only GSA)

Can this be done?

How about just TF>25 using ONLY GSA.


  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2016
    No you can't, use PR Jacker for that problem software seem to be abandonned.

  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    You'll need access to the MOZ api or Scrapebox and *a lot* of API keys. This way you can filter your target lists yourself. (TF isn't that different from PA imho).
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2016
    Trust flow is gained by having a small amount of links coming from high authority sources, you won't be able to build a decent trust flow by spamming your site with SER unfortunately.

    The more crap you throw at your site, the lower your trust flow will end up.

    Trust flow is just another metric people preach about, just like Page Authority and Domain Authority and then there are Moz ranks, Moz trust, Moz DA/PA, Majestic SEO stats also.. the list is endless and very much inaccurate too.
  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    @Tim89 Exactly my point. The only real use for these metrics is to filter out the obvious crap ;)
  • You wont get any sort of TF with SER. I can at least give you the advice to not use Joomla K2 site links. They are really popular right now but man they are shitty shitty links, most of them are either hacked, malware sites, or just low low low spammed out sites. Wouldnt use as t2 or even t3.
  • I wouldn't rely on trust flow only. Majestic metrics are incomplete, too. The only involved party who has all the data is big G... do not concentrate on on single metric. I'm with @Tim89 here.
  • TF correlates directly with PR.  PR still exists but is hidden.  So Majestics TF is the best indicator of site worth.

    So how can I take a site from new to TF>15 using something automated and repeatable?

    At least a TF15, you can sell.

    I don't use MOZ metrics because they are too complex for my liking and I have a feeling that they are actually owned by the big G.

  • Tim89Tim89
    it wouldnt be worth doing just to flip the domain for a fee.
  • edited April 2016
    I can easily reach TF CF 40+ purchasing 15-25 sape links, its fast, reliable, semi-automated, low cost.
    Only worth if you are trying to sell the domain, sort of spam and bank it. (for pbn owners i guess)

    Getting it ranked is whole another story :)
  • Tim89Tim89
    But whats the point? I guess you'll be removing the sape links once you've sold the domain? Thus the domain losing its' metrics, some people do business like that but I do not so I find it pointless.
  • edited April 2016
    They make money doing that. It's sort of shady but people do it all the time on places like bhw. But I think the average age of a bhw seller is like 15.
  • I'm not looking to trick anyone.  I just want to know how to get a new domain to a high TF value using only GSA in a repeatable way (formula).
  • @gsauser101

    It's not going to happen, I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out using PR Jacker. I got one web 2.0 to show massive increases in  TF once, but then the web 2.0 went no follow. Was dissapointed. 
  • no follow is ok, google still reads it but i see your disapointment

    what is PR jacker?

    but if you think about it, if spammy links arent good for your money site then why would they be good for your 3rd tier, 4th tier, etc...

    what people fail to realize is that SEO is a top down process, to rank you need links from people above you in a pyramid... getting millions of crap links seems to be worse than nothing with Google's algorythm

    i'm still searching for a reason to even have GSA installed
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