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S.O.S :) - private mentor needed

ChrisadChrisad Athens
edited March 2016 in Need Help
Hello guys, i am totally new to the GSA (yesterday i was purchase the prog) i follow this tut and try to test it by making my first  campaign, Obviously i have make something wrong because i don't see any results..... i run the prog from vps, with free and premium paid proxies. If anyone can help me with teamviewer to check what is wrong with my settings i will appreciate it. I will pay you for the private mentoring .... just need to make it work.

Best regards


  • I can help as far as my skills go. I am not an expert though but I think i can help you to get you started.
    No need for you to pay rather invest in some other stuff you may need.
    Just trying to give back what i learned from different communities:)
  • thank you m8, i will send you pm now.
  • I would suggest you to check out this video until someone hits you up with an offer:
    It's quite old but very detailed and you can get some basic understanding of the tool. I don't know about other sellers but
    Asia virtual solutions sells data packs which could be useful for you to set up SER properly.
  • What problems are you facing? If not solved let me know, i may be able to help you out! No payment needed.
  • Tim89Tim89
    You purchased the software yesterday and you set up your campaign and you see no results today? You're going to have to wait a little longer than 1 day..
  • Thanks for reply guys....

    TheGypsy  that was the first video that i was try to follow.

    triplex   what i have so fa is :

    1) GSA
    2) VPS
    3) 250 Private Proxies from
    4) SEREngines subsumption
    5) deathbycaptcha + askmebot submission

    Tim89  i don't expect SEO results in 1 day. but i was expected some submissions and verified links.

    I spoke yesterday with imran , witch i want to thank him again for his help and his time, he access my vps and he suggest me to try other proxies, witch i didn't cause i pay 79$ for these and i want to be 1000% that this is the problem to replace them, and he also suggest me link list, which i i purchase from, so i follow the instructions to connect directly to their database and grab site list.

    The GSA Search Engine Feature allows you to setup a project ONE TIME and then you never need to update the link list anymore. With this feature GSA gets the urls directly from our database automatically.

    After all this steps and time, i see some submitted and verified links (27 verified links) , i left it to work all night and check it again just now......

    not even 1 link more after 10 hours......

    I don't know what else to do.

    If some experienced user want to help or to be hired to make it work, send me pm.


  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    Which lists do you use? Or do you just submit to targets scraped by SER?
  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    Oh wait, I didn't know proxymillion. How do you setup your proxies?

    Obviously, you can't use these proxies to register/post, as only the five mentioned sites are accessible.

    Public proxies will *not* work well for complex submissions, as they tend to die right before everything's done.

    If I were you I'd get a couple of dedicated IPs from (10 should do for starters), buy a decent list (Asia Virtual, Nerd Herd, @jonseo are my fav sellers for contextual high DA targets) and start over.

    Also, how do you generate your content? Do you use a spinner? How many e-mail boxes did you set up?
  • ritchie

    i send email to proxymillion if i can use their proxies to GSA and they answer :

    "Ah yes, then I'll have to replace them with other type of proxies. Same price of course. I will disable this package and setup a new one. They will be added to your "

    So i expect replacement to see how it goes....

    for emails I use 10 yahoo accounts, as fro spinner for my first test project i had used Wicked Article Creator, but this spinner is not working anymore is outdated and owner refund my purchase today, Probably he retired.....

    Can you suggest a good but not too expensive spinner?


  • Some "Devils" are play with my patience.... another NEW problem.

    " Death By Captcha is not responding/can`t solve..... "

    DBC worked fine (the only thing that worked so far... ;) but now i get this error in logs,

    When hit test from captcha menu : Error : unable to get balance.

    i remove and re enter the DBC account , user and pass but same results.

    I contact them and they told me

    "In that case you will need to contact your software provider"

  • SvenSven
    It's not a software issue at all. It's only the DBC server that is kind of overloaded and does not reply. I can not do anything about this really. All they say is "it's the software's fault". Nothing changed the way I act with DBC and their API, but's my fault they say. It's clearly NOT!
  • Sven I believe you , because i try to change vps ip with ip vanish and when ip changed it worked again for a while.... stopped i change ip again  but not stable.
  • @chrisad

    I would be hesitant to take the advice of people who suggest link lists like SERocket.  SERocket oversell their lists and if you look at the quality of their .edu and .gov links... it's awful. 

    You really need to scrape your own stuff if you want to use SER properly and effectively. PM me and I can walk you through some other stuff.
  • Yes, I experienced the same troubles with DBC recently...

    @Christad You do use GSA CB as a first service, right? If not, you definitely should. Will save you tons of money and headache. Let me know hot it goes with the new proxies! If you used their standard package, that would explain your problems.

    @Sven It's obviously their server load. Funny they blame it on you.
  • @jonseo : I advised Christad to use GSA CB as a first service. Infact, i advised him about SERocket & other link list providers but eventually told him that I create my own verified list which i shared with him.

  • jonseo  yes i use it as first option, i see some moves with the new proxies, we see...

    what about any good spinner suggestions guys, what is your experience about?
  • @Chrisad i dint see you using GSA CB at all yesterday. Unless you are using it now. I have had decent submissions using WAC articles.
  • imran i had it as first option as i said, both video tutorials that i follow to setup the campaigns suggested clearly. I purchase WAC as i mention in my previous post but , i ask for refund.... i read many complains from many users here without reply many months now, beside that the official support site of the program is not updated many months now... something happened and software owner it appears that it has been abandoned.
  • Don't use wac ever. Use kontent machine or something like that.
  • edited April 2016
    I back @Sven on what he said about dbc. Some days ago i experienced same issue. DBC just fails to reply or grab the captchas. Saw this issue in bookmarking demon and other tools aswel.
    Clearely on their end. I think we receive a temporary ban on our DBC accounts if we send too many captchas to get solved.
    Currently using decaptcher as first option and imagetyperz as second option with good success.

    PM me if you need paid consultance about gsa, been using it daily for the past 4 years.
    I can also provide proxies at the rate of 1 proxy - $1.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp  i just got  kontent machine just now...... hope it works as i want.

    Btw project start running with my new proxies...
  • @Chrisad I tried them all... good decision. imho, kontent machine is the one you want (when you're dealing with English content). The article scraper is amazing, but the built-in spinner isn't... you'll need a 3rd party spinning service.

    AISpinner is the best, but it's not integrated with ser / km. I use TBS (the best spinner) - sometimes quite slow, but very good Thesaurus.

    The better your spinner, the more often you can submit the same article. km / tbs is a wicked combination.
  • jonseo I v got TBS (the best spinner) 2 days now and i am just try to find time to see some tutorials for how to use it properly.

    Thank you for your suggestions

  • @Chrisad
    Open TBS > paste content > press identify synonyms > press everyones favourite > select quality level best > click replace > press auto select synonyms > untick rewrite sentances > set max synonyms 5 > click auto select. Its that simple. Saved you minutes of watching tutorials.
  • edited April 2016

    Good advice, or you can use Km3 with TBS api add on.
  • @Chrisad Forget about the client. Do as @BigGulpsHuhWelp says - just enter your API key and let KM spin away.

    Check the front page.
    "You can only access these 5 websites"
    facebook, instagram, google, youtube and linkedIN.

    Dont know if thats why you get 0 links.
  • ArtoAllan  yes, that was the problem and solved, they replace my proxy list with another and works fine now.
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