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It Depressing to read how GSA ser doesn't work anymore.

I wonder what a lot of people on this forum mean by GSA ser, can no longer rank websites because google already have them on their list as spam?
those type of discussion is very depressing especially to those who just started using GSA Ser. 

can someone who know this for a fact kindly clarify this Bold statement that Gsa ser don't work any more. 




  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    Hi snoweye,

    you get back what you put in :) In other words: GSA SER works just as good - if not better - than ever before. With Google's recent updates, linkbuilding has become a lot more complex. You want to use fast reliable proxies, you want good captcha recognition services, prefilterted lists, unique contents... no footprints.

    Also, in my humble opinion, a lot of link types that used to work quite well (short links, social bookmarks an so on) have been devalued greatly - they might work as indexers on multi-tier project, but these days you want clean, dofollow, contextual backlinks.

    GSA Ser is one complex program; a lot of beginners don't invest enough time to avoid typical mistakes. There's also a big discussion about building links directly to your money sites - most SEOs prefer to use buffer-pages for an added layer of security.

    There's plenty of options, almost each one can destroy your success. If you know what you're doing, this software is a brilliant tool.

  • I have to agree with ritchie - a mighty weapon can always turn against the bearer when used in a wrong way :)

    The competition is getting stronger + more each years which makes ranking increasingly difficult, generally speaking.

    Also, in my experience folks do often have unrealistic expectations about time frames... reaching stable top positions takes a while. Churn & burn is overrated in many ways.

    @snoweye - did we recently meet on fiverr? Or is it just a nickname coincidence?
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    I think that the competition is just a very little side of it. What's getting stronger is google and other websites improving their algorithms and protections against spam.

    GSA Ser will always work at an extent. But it will take more than 10 minutes in setting up a project, 10 minutes in setting up a website with auto generated content and/or duplicate one.

    A very simple usage for someone with a legitimate website in a specific business. 
    1. Use semrush coupled with google keywords and winautomation to create a 5 stars list of keywords related to your niche. Last step has to be manual review of the keywords even if they are ten of thousands ( they should be a lot if you were not lazy). 
    2. Use Gscraper or something else to scrap for links of all types, but only on the first pages of Google, and using only using the keywords from the first step. You should have more than enough if you do it right. 
    3. Create a fake project hitting as target website ( they won't penalize themselves :)) ), use all types of links from step 2, let it run for a while. 
    4. Periodically check the verified websites for authority, bla bla bla bla, the new Proxy Scraper does that very well. 
    5. From those automated links pick the best ones, and manually create back links to your legitimate website with logical anchor, unique articles if the website allows articles, etc. 
    6. I assume that there is a quality website to work with :D Not one generated with some tool or with loaned content.

    It takes work, and GSA won't do all the work for you, but I think it is normal to have to do something, beside looking at statistics and waiting for results on auto. You can use the basic set up for client websites too if you are an agency. 

    You can automate more steps if you do it right. I do not like automatic setups, never liked it, always had a bad feeling about them, and I got very burnt twice because of listening to such crap investing a fortune and years of my life. They might work for a while, and for some people on this forum they worked and they are still working for more than that, but your brain should be a part of the process, and the automation should be made subject to your logic and to very good arguments, rather than subject to your/my inability or laziness to perform such a general act that is widely known as "work", "to work" :)

    Cars will be driven by robots soon, so we can imagine that AI is getting smarter and smarter, beyond churn and burn pathetic tactics and setups.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    And one more thing. Do not expect the big sharks to advertise themselves with how good it is and how good it works. They have no reason. Most of the people that do that ( most not all ) are speaking and writing just because they don't have something better to do :) 

    So do not get disappointed but do not also expect fireworks instantly, unless you get lucky or you get a tip. Cheerios
  • Hi ritchie , thanks for letting me know GSA ser still works perfectly :\"> . 
    I never planned on using GSA ser for Blasting out thousands on links to my website, that's a guaranteed suicide. 
    I will have to come up with my own personally settings and see what works.
    Thanks again.

  • jonseo Hey friend :) yea! you are right. I contacted you on Fiverr. Thanks adding your thoughts, at least now i know its just the way you use it that really determines what happens, i was really worried after reading some comments and discussions on this forum. 
  • DzilRel thank you for taking your time to contribute, i really appreciate it.  will try out some of the tips  and see what works. 
  • ritchieritchie Vienna, Austria
    @DzilRel I know your GSA, buddy :) Couldn't agree more with your answer!

    @snoweye There are no nickname coincidences :) Glad I could help!
  • @snoweye @ritchie Only rarely! Best advice in every situation: rely on your own wits. Lots of peeps do have ulterior motives, but Sven knows what he's doing. GSA SER was never and will never be an "all automated out-of-the-box solution". No complex tool is,that's why we love it so much!

    @DzilRel full akk.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    Cheerios and good luck both @ritchie and @snoweye. And everyone else :P
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2016
    @snoweye Consider that your seo strategy is applied by SER, not the reverse. Wondering if your content is rather interesting for Google and you will have made 90% of the work.
    If you are unsure what you do, then you should only focus on your WebSite and not to use SEO software.
  • Hello :) Kaine, what do you mean by "Consider that your seo strategy is applied by SER, not the reverse" ?
  • KaineKaine
    SER can do what you want, only your stratégie count.
  • Kaine from the above comments, i must say, i agree with you too. 
    i just need to find a strategy that works for me.
  • Hi 

    I have just recently purchased GSA,  yesterday there was a promo on BHW and I decided to take advantage of it I had not before because money was tight. I had downloaded a demo in November and was impressed with the results I was able to rank two sites with the applicationt. My intention is not to blast thousands of links but to be able to effectively get more link juice to my tier 2 and 3 websites.

    I set up a new site in weebly and created a new campaign over 200 keywords I have gone through several tutorials and have been over my settings time after time.

    My question is I am "currently" using hidemyass VPN I know its not great and I am using the proxies that come with GSA  but that's what I have right now, and that is what I used back in November, not the best setup I know.

    I have been running GSA for several hours and not one link submitted, my question is is there another page with more detailed info on setting it up.(slthough I am using an old profile that worked in the past)

    So far I have not be asked for any captchas,  when I tried it in November I manually filled several captchas out and was able to gather a ton of links using my same setup that I have now hidemyass VPN and the proxies loaded with GSA.

    I am willing to buy private proxies if needed but will this make a difference and will it work then, if so then I would be willing to get the captcha plugin as well.

    The error I keep getting is no ( target posts may be blocked by search engines no site list enabled no verified urls to extract targets no schedule posting)

    Can someone point to a good resource,  I have done a search on this and see others having similar issues but I do not see a real solution to the problem, is there a good resource, is it the program or do I need different proxies.

    I will add, I did scrape a good chunk of anonymous proxies with scrapebox and am still getting that error.

    When I used the application last November I really had no issues however now that I have purchased the program that I am having problems.

    Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

  • vinvin
    edited April 2016
    I am also using only public proxies and manual captcha solving. I also used to get "no targets to post to". Then I removed the old keywords in the project and added 20000 new keywords for each project. This solved my problem. The problem is that keywords run out and you need to keep adding new keywords to the project for it to scrape new urls.
  • Can I ask,  how many successful submissions do you get with those 20,000 keywords used to be with as little as 200 you would get a good amount of submissions.

  • vinvin
    edited April 2016
    my submission rate is very low as submissions depend on your proxies and internet speed and threads. I am running on my laptop and not using a vps so my 20000 keywords last for a month!! 200 keywords will burn out in a couple of days on a vps. 

    other reason for low submission rate could be because of the proxies. Submission is  very complex process and the proxy needs to be alive for the whole submission process to complete which involves 4 to 5 steps. If the proxy dies in between then the submission fails. If you have bucks then you can go for 10 dedicated proxies and see the difference. I dont currently use a dedicated proxy as it is a bit expensive for me but using it increases the submission rate.

    also for your articles you will need a good article source like KM....or you need to manually edit a spun article for good submission quality which is time consuming.

    captcha solving, proxy, lists, vps are all recurring costs. You can try them once to see the difference. if you find its beneficial then you can continue.
  • GSA ser is as powerful as the list you give it- over spammed lists arent doing you any favours. A private, tested list you harvest yourself will.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I was expecting this thread on the Xrumer forum with all the Russians, not here...
  • It honestly does work you just need to find new platforms and websites to post to and not the usualy dead websites.. and also make sure to properly get google to crawl your backlinks via pinging them
  • jonseojonseo UK
    edited April 2016
    @Doon Made my day! Never do underestimate the Russians though  <:-P

    @vin I did at a couple of times (when I was on vacation). Rest of my setup was the same, but just one little hint: Do connect your laptop with an ethernet cable. WLAN can quicky become a bottleneck with ser.

    @escapesouth You have quite realistic expectations judging from your post. Yes, a low hq VPM is indeed achievable with onboard tools alone... but especially when you're setup is not the strongest, you should reduce gsa to it's core jobs. I wouldn't let the app scrape but use lists instead. There are some good ones available on Fiverr eg (disclosure: I do sell there, too.) Your next investments should be gsa cb and 5 dedicated proxies from a good provider.
  • What is your guys opinion about SERlists etc?
    Are those fine or are all the links to much "spammy" since a lot of users will receive them. 

    And what is the best proxy provider right now? 
  • edited April 2016
    ^ SERlists is awful. Don't give them a dime. 

    Best proxy provider is buyproxies (aff. link). I used to get abuse reports all the time from using SER aggressively with my old provider. BuyProxies doesn't give a fuck.

    *aff link removed by mod*
  • SER has nothing to do with your rankings. Your strategy does. SER is simply one of many tools you can use to help you level the playing field against large corporates that have hundreds of seo staff. You use these tools to leverage your time and strategy. 

    SER if used properly will get you results. BUT, you must make sure you understand what you are doing. AND, also remember that seo is a sliding scale, meaning that G changes the rules every day. So what you have placed into the index last year will be a drag on your efforts this year if done incorrectly. It is always advisable to use best practice in seo.

    Re: lists, there is only one list you can use safely...your own. Buying a shared list is just stupid. It is a waste of your money and your time. Those lists are not specific to your needs and are burned out the day they are created. This goes back to best practice. Stay dialed-in on your niche.  i.e. why would a fast-food-restaurant site link to a flower-shop site.

    As I have mentioned before in other threads, I have been building out my PBN for several years now. Those are the only sites linking to my MS. 
  • @viking

    Yeah I agree with everthing you said. PBN's to money site only, unless you have some high quality Web 2.0 properties. 
  • @viking PBN's are today's SEO luxury properties - but newbies can do well withouth those. Buying a couple of domains and setting up buffer sites is a nice start. We all probably started this way and then expanded our dom portfolio to full-fledged PBN later on.
  • @jonseo I totally agree, but the original post on this thread was why SER isn't working well. My response was directly to that query.  Any noob can get a copy of SER, buy a list, and go on full-blast. The results will not be good to say the least. Noob's should be helped BEFORE they make the mistake, NOT after. So my point was, study and learn what is best practice before launching a campaign.

    SER works great. You just have to know what to use it for.

    And I don't think it is hard for a beginner to get a domain, drop it on wordpress, host it somewhere, and write a bunch of unique content specific to one's niche. 

    I would much rather make a mistake on one of my PBN's rather than on my MS.
  • PBN's aren't a luxury though, they are a necessity. At least IMO. 
  • I am thinking about making a blog with a top 10 with sellers and putting my page on 1. 
    Should that be a good idea? And, when it goes bad.. I just remove my link to the main site :P
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