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Ranking a website by making Web 2.0 links

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As title say ! it is possible to rank a website with web 2.0 links. i.e I have 15 to 25 web 2.0 sites list with pr vary from 3 to 9. I will post one article per day and article will be hand written and readable. So, I will be able to rank website with this process? I will make links on these created links using GSA SER.
Any suggestion about web 2.0 links? Thank you in advance for your time !


  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
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    I think this link building strategy might help u better what you are about to do mate:

  • Thanks. I will read it.
  • Tim89Tim89
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    I would personally only use those accounts for posting around 10 - 20 articles, then make another account and rinse and repeat.

    The more pages an account or domain/subdomain has, the more the juice is diluted between the pages when you build tiers to that link.

    the more accounts or more sub domains pointing to your money site the better, this is also beneficial just incase 1 of your account gets suspended at least you will have additional accounts to work with, spread your tier 1 links on multiple accounts from the same domain.

    As you said, you have 15 - 25 web 2 sources, this would be able to easily achieve 225 - 375 tier 1 links by posting 15 articles per account with 15 accounts on each site or 15 accounts on 25 sites.

    By keeping your tier 1 properties smaller in size, the less tier 2 links you'll need to point to them as the power is spread among 10 or 20 pages of the domain, rather than having 100s of posts on the same domain/account.

    More accounts, less posts when working with a tier 1 source that is dependable and good quality.

    This works on the concept that it takes a much longer time frame to rank a huge money site for multiple pages rather than consolidating those pages into 1 or 2, you may think that a huge site is better, yeah, it is, but do you have the resources to send mass amounts of juice to each of those pages? Work smarter not harder.

    Another tip, instead of creating 1 post per keyword you're targeting, then launching a campaign for that keyword/post with maybe a handful of variations, go for a broader post with many keywords in the post and hit that post with all of those anchor texts your aiming for, the page will eventually get a lot of authority and will rank for many keywords rather than the handful you may be targeting, this saves a lot of time trying to bulk out your money site and splitting the juice with more and more pages on your site.

    I may have drifted from the initial question but I tend to get carried away, sorry.
  • Thank you. Very good information. Before I think posting on same accounts have more authority. Now i going to create new accounts on sites that i have and will post only 15 articles on each blog. I give juice to these links by using gsa ser. 
    Again thank you very much for your guide.

  • @tim89 How do you handle automating in creating these web 2.0s in the first place? Do you use fully automated stuff like FCS, Rankerx or do it semi automatically (like Autofill Magic)? Or manually make all of them.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @kwangsgoal I use automated software normally, with unique content on the tier 1 level.
  • @tim89 What software do you use? And sorry for asking this but is there a updated comprehensive guide you'd recommend for tiered linkbuilding for tiers 2 and 3 for GSA?
  • Tim89Tim89
    It is something on my to do list, to write up a guide on tiered linking for my customers, It will be out soon once I've completed my own workload.

    I don't know of any updated guides out there at the moment but it's all pretty much the same thing rehashed using different link sources.

    There are many tools available that can build links on good quality web 2 sources for your tier 1 links, I'll be writing it all up.
  • Hmmm. By the way i not use any software for tier 1 links like fcs or rankerx. I build manually and write content myself.If you make a schedule for posting articles and making new accounts it would be great and using readable content is very good thing instead of using spun articles for tier 1 links. 
  • How are 2.0 properties treating you lately?
     Does it has decent serp effect for you guys?
  • Yes. Take some time and consistent work. After that get some good result.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Web 2 properties do make good tier 1 links when powered up further, the only reason they are less effective than a PBN link is simply because they can terminate your account or sometimes if an account stays idle for a period of time, they allow the subdomain to become re-registered, thus you losing out on the link source.
  • Plus more and more Web 2 options are going no follow these days. I'd bet we see ALL of major web 2 providers go no follow in the near future. 
  • shaunshaun
    Or need you to pay to go do follow or index in google like Weebly.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yeah, I've seen that now also, where you need to pay for the "pro" account in order for the domain to become indexed..

    PBNs are the future.
  • Maybe someone should create a web 2.0 creation website made for SEO-- would be a bit of a footprint though
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    @Tim89  There is no noindex/nofollow. It's a scare. I just built one too, noindex not on it.. I changed my useragent to googlebot and it still shows. No need to worry
  • shaunshaun
    @Anonymous I'm not 100% on how it works but the url you provide maybe visible to the Google bot but it is not currently indexed in google.

    I also know a fair few people who used to farm expired weeblys for personal use and selling who have not stopped their opperation.
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