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Why isn't the verified links not being saved to verified global list?

ibrazilian2ibrazilian2 brazil
edited December 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I read everything carefully in this thread and made sure I've tested everything correctly.. but sadly the verified list isn't growing at all, and not sure why.. I'm actually quite sad because I removed some projects that had over 10k verified and I thought they were being added in the global site list(verified) but they're not.. at all..

So I scraped thousands of sites last night to put this to a test.. right now I have a project that has 1.5K verified and it has not added any to the global site list.. and this is a high quality tier project so I made sure it only posts to different domains.. this has been running for the past week, stopping it here and there for testing and whatnot..

Now, this is what I have done with my latest scrape from last night.. I created a new project just so that I could increase my verified list.. and so far it isn't growing either..

It's posting and verifying but guess what, the global verified list does not grow at all.. it's stuck at 493.. even though with a few projects I've gotten over total of 20k links, none where added.. :(

Can someone help me with this.. and I have checked to option to save the verified links in the options menu.


  • shaunshaun
    It seems to be a bug in SER right now, Sven is on it mate. My current work around is right clicking the project -> show URLs -> Verified-> Right click select all copy them.

    Some platforms work fine when trimmed to root so you can paste some of them into your verified file and they work but im just pasting all the links to their own .txt file and im going to run it through SER at a later date onces its fixed.
  • Alright man, thanks for the response, If by the time I need the verified links and it hasn't been fixed then I'll use your workaround for the time being.
  • I think this had been solved with the latest update
  • shaunshaun
    Yea its looking good now :)
  • Yes, it's definitely fixed now.
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