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Question how you're handling Recaptcha with CaptchaBreaker and Second Service Backup

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Is it better to just bypass captchabreaker using the service as primary knowing the majority of targets use recaptcha (I'm using one specific platform which is primarity all recaptcha)? Right now I have recaptcha checked off in captcha breaker to go to backup service but it's going really, really slow for me. How are you men doing it? Thank you


  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    i think the best you could do is
    -> check/activate recaptcha first -> right click recaptcha -> toggle use of captcha service

    this means that once a recaptcha is detected CB will sent it directly to your 2nd service., so CB can do his work for the other captchas with the exception of recatpcha
  • edited January 2013
    @Ozz, Great tip, works well, thanks for sharing.
  • Yeah Ozz that's how I'm doing it... But it's going snail slow. Like slower than some of the other tools I'm using. Just wasn't sure if there was some secret to it

  • Ok so just did some testing. 

    I'm using NING platform which is mostly recaptcha... 

    First I tried captchabreaker with recaptcha toggled to go straight to DBC... This was slow and unusable. After 3 hours only about 20 sign ups.

    Then I completely removed captchabreaker from the scenario and it's flying with just DBC enabled.

    Really can't get my head around this one, it looks like captchabreaker is a bottleneck for me.

    I'm fine with it, I realize it's still very early on release and I love it regardless
  • SvenSven
    There shouldn't be any bottleneck here. You say in 3 hours you only saw 20 signups. Does that mean you only got 20 captchas in CB ?
  • Inside SER i have enabled already paid captcha service as 2nd option if PR above 4.

    So you say in order to send for example recaptcha and mollom to paid service then ckeck it again in CB? Would this bite eachother? also the PR would then NOT be considered or?
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