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Bug: Unspin doesn't work

edited January 2013 in Bugs
There is a pretty big problem with the new "unspin" feature (here is the feature request if it helps...

It can only unspin a single work. Most keywords that you could want to unspin are multiple words. For example, if you spin an article and your target keyword is dog training, if you then try and unspin "dog training", nothing happens. You can unspin "dog" and you can unspin "training"... but this is not ideal.

If did suggest one way around this in the feature request, or alternatively, you would have to search spin sets to find "dog", then when you find it, look in the next set to see if "training" is there.

Oops, sorry... don't mean to tell you how to code it.


  • SvenSven

    well for me this is no bug.

    if dog training like {dog training|animal training|cat training} ... it is unspinned. however you might not want to unspin {dog|animal|cat} or training.

  • The problem is, when you use the spinner to spin dog training, you get this....

    {dog|canine|puppy|doggy|pet} {training|instruction|education|coaching|teaching}.

    So when you try and unspin it, it doesn't work. The idea is to be able to add an article, and spin it while protecting a keyword (which of course is usually more than one word), and it doesn't do that right now.
  • SvenSven
    Hmm ok I see the problem. So in next version will try to resolve this.
  • great, thanks
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