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SER Not retruning search results v5.03

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Hello Fellow SER users!

Quick Hardware Overview: 8 core amd with 32gig of ram running several Oracle Virtual Box virtual machines.

First up, just like everyone else who uses SER, I really do love this software, the results we are getting are amazing!

Back to the problem - I updated our 2 copies of SER to v5.03 yesterday.  Machine 1 upgraded no problem, LPM were up it and even started to use CS as a backup to CB (WIN!, thanks Sven)

Machine 2 didn't fair so well (this only uses CS atm) and LPM dropped down to 0.  After messing around for a good couple of hours trying to noodle it out I closed the VM and installed SER on a VM that had never seen SER.  It seemed to be making more of an effort so I installed CSx3 but again the LPM were very very low.

Close VM 3 - back to VM2 and I used an uninstall program to remove SER and I re installed an earlier version from the beginning of Jan.  Still no joy.  I upgraded it to v5.03 but still the same.

When SER is trying to either trawl search engines or use verified links from global it's just failing.  

Trawling SE's gives : [ ] 000/000 [Page END] results on <insert search engine here> just a big long scrolling list of them.  Settings are identical to the machine that is working perfectly as are the settings in SER.

I have now closed down all virtual machines (just in case there was a licencing conflict) but still getting 000/000

Needless to say, this is messing with my Karma somewhat.

Any Ideas guys, or do I just have to man up and create a new VM from scratch and give it another go?

Many Regards and Thanks in advance.



  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    seems to me that your proxies are banned on SEs.
    as a quick solution just use proxies for posting without modified query time to SEs (Options -> Submission).
  • Ahh Ozz man - bang on the money - I disabled the proxies and things did start to happen at a normal rate.  I'm looking into proxie issue right now.

    Many thanks Mate!

  • this ban is just temporarly and they just need to cool down. to avoid this higher your query time or select some more SEs instead.
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