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topic relevant targets when using lists

is there a way to filter for keyword relevant targets when using purchased lists - just like when gsa does the search of its own ? 


  • SvenSven
    You have to use the project option to have a certain keyword on the page. It's on the options->filter tab.
  • This is a very useful feature for tier 1, less important for tier 2, and not really necessary for tier 3.
  • Probably wont get much verified
  • hiobhiob vienna, Austria
    i know, but when i scrape in scrapebox with KEYWORD + FOOTPRINT i get more-or-less topic-related targets, if i use a different scraping method or buy lists, i dont..
  • Tim89Tim89
    This is my opinion on what is a relevant target when it comes to contextual targets, this rule does not come into play simply because when you create a new page/post, it is a new page/post on that site, the content you put on this page/post would need to be relevant to make that back link relevant to your money site.. You, yourself are creating the revelancy between your contextual back link and your moneysite, this is partly one of the reasons why contextual links are most effective.

    Link types like forums, blog comments etc, would yield better results if the niche of those articles where the comments are located are relevant to your subject and or if the forum you create a profile on is relevant to your niche etc.

    If you're purchasing a list then all of these rules go out the window.
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