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Should I move to Dedicated hosting?

I am Currently On a 3GB 5Core Vps with 500 MBPS Transfer Speed and SSD Space

As Black Friday has arrived i m thinking on upgrading to a VPS or dedicate server but i don’t know which one will be best as i don’t have enough knowledge on them 

As a VPS I may upgrade as

6 Core and 16.5GB Ram with 1gbps speed and SSD space

Or As a Dedicated i may have a 

8GB ram 4 X 3.9Ghz Intel E3 1270v3 CPU

100MBPS speed ( Upgradable )  8 IPs

I don’t know if 100MBPS if good or what shall i do with 8 IPs Or what is advantage of dedicated over vps even through their prices are different irrespectival of ram and cpu cores


  • I thin you should go with a dedicated server- better performance and in the end can be cheaper.
  • And what about those 8 IPs and is 100 MBPS speed enough @Sven
  • Tim89Tim89
    What are you running?
  • That's a beast of a setup. It really all comes down to numbers.

    1) Are you running at capacity? How many more resources would you need to allow at least a 20% buffer?
    2) Are you earning enough to justify the cost of upgrading your system?
  • Nerd_HerdTim89 I am Running GSA SER , CB , Indexer SEO as Well as Scrapebox ( Harvesting urls and keywords )
    I normally Run 10-20 campaigns together and want to achive 100+ VPM though my current VPM is 20-30 

    Yes i am earning enough to cut the costs. 

    The Only thing I want to know is what can i do with 8 IPs provided with dedicated VPS and is 100 MBPS Enough To Hit 100+ VPM

    Thank You
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