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Can I change exported .sl files to .txt files so I can read them.

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Can I change exported .sl files to .txt files so I can read them.  I'm having troubles verifying what my articles and website content look like when posted to a website.
I think maybe a .txt file would allow me to surf to them pretty easily.
Unless there is a better way.


  • just open the .sl files with your texteditor??!
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    OK but, all I get is this:

    PK   ù›>B†lÁI    "   sitelist_Article-Article Beach.txtÍU]kƒ0}ìoôM¥ÒŽ2AÿÄG–\M &!¹Ãõ߯siÁikTú¤rϹžÜŽh^“¤ªª˜XT‚‹:/1Õe"ƒïØpófH™müóC°,Ý»ç'þ—2Š(
    >^§x"‘GÇ/!™PE̱”Wü¯„ÎX¼%ËB!‚’A    B¡íiûÒU ‘Ó9¦»è¨]âÉLX x&Ft‚Ú5éN[ByMô„–8ö™Ißy ¥Àšœuß-ÑmBr

    So a text editor is something different than what Windows gives me to make .txt files with.  I tried
    this editor from but it gave me machine language too.
    What should I do to fix this.
    Thanks for your consideration of this problem
  • I must be blind cause I don't see any .sl files when exported
  • SvenSven
    *.sl files are created when you export site lists into one file. That sl file is nothing else but a ZIP file.
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