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How many verified submissions per day is safe?

ronniej556ronniej556 Trinidad
edited November 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I have a new website, It's about 2 months old. It's my first time using GSA, I built a unique sitelist, I used a lot of spintax and programmed some software to give me only 100% unique articles for each submission. Everything is niche related, I started submitting and I'm getting around 1000 verified per 15 minutes, is it safe?


  • It's impossible to say, it depends on your list. It's possible to only get 100 verified out of 15k submissions. Just try something for a day and see what happens. You can then adjust accordingly to your wishes.
  • Either you're making a gazillion accounts per site or those are not contextual links. I hope you aren't having 1,000 verified per 15 minutes direct to your money site. You should create tiered projects. If you're using SER for Tier 1 use very aggressive filters and only use contextual links.
  • What is contextual and non-contextual links?
  • You will want to read some of the tutorials located on this forum. Look around.

    Contextual links allow you to define the anchor text of a hyperlink and have your link surrounded by other text. In most cases people choose article type engines for Tier1 contextual links.
  • ronniej556ronniej556 Trinidad
    edited November 2015
    I think I'm already only using contextual links using <a href=%url%>%anchor_text%</a> within all the articles (over 1000 with spintax) and inputs, this is how it looks is that what you mean?
    I also have almost all the engines checked :( getting scared now...
  • edited November 2015
    Yes, that is a contextual link. You want the sites linking directly to your money site to be of higher quality and preferably have a lot of unique domains, not just multiple links from the same sites. You can then build tiers linking to the sites that link to your money site. You can keep adding tiers. The lower the tiers the more engines you can use without receiving penalties.

    I've actually been out of the game for awhile so I don't know which engines are the most effective now. I recently noticed sites I had holding steady drop toward the end of September. They had a lot of Joomla K2 articles as Tier 1. It appears that G has highly discredited links from that platform, but I don't think it's necessarily a penalty. For fun, I decided to fire up SER to the sites that have fallen creating other contextuals. I'm hammering those contextuals with comments, etc. The sites that fell are recovering surprisingly quickly. I doubt it will be long lived, but it is interesting to see such quick movement in G again.
  • You should stop SER then have a look at this:
    It's ages old so some info is obsolate but you'll grasp the concept.
  • Doesn't matter how many, half of them won't get indexed in anyway.
  • ronniej556ronniej556 Trinidad
    edited November 2015
    HUBBA, so you're saying that I should have ranked sites linking to a main site right? Sounds like a great tip!
    Also noticed about 20% of the links are Joomla K2... :'(
  • u are hurting ur site ranking by doing direct backlinks

    u need tier project

    about 3 levels to get safe ranking and dont get penalized from google

    and will vpm can get  high like 300 per minute but only if u use both contextual and not contextual

    if u use only contextual then ur vpm wont reach 150

    contextual is the engines with a profile linking to ur site or articles with anchers linking to ur site

    non contextual is site with no anchor,article,profile linking to ur site and might rank un relative keyword instead like chinease niches that will ruin ur site
  • Can I hurt my competitors ranking? lol
  • That's negative SEO but I advise you to build a test site and burn/rank that first. If the test site works do what you need to do.
  • I'll leave it running on a VPS and use this as a test site. :)
  • if u do black seo on ur competiter ur vps provider will get alot of warnings and ur vps will get banned also ur gsa ser engine might get banned as will as other products 

    u can ask @sven if he accept using his software to hurt others sites?

    firstly its illegal,black seo,and u will get buuurned
  • Ok well I won't do it then
  • I use SER direct primarily on free Web 2.0 sites. It's good for experimenting on linking strategies. For long-term money sites it's good to use a PBN and natural or paid links for your Tier 1. On my main money sites I don't even use many Web 2.0 as Tier1.
  • HUBBA 

    will many says serengine engines is dead

    i checked there engines sites (most of them dead cuz of (domain dead,captcha changed to human captcha that meen even third parties cant solve it, and other engines ,, will just dead))
  • serengines works, but its incredibly slow. WOrks on rebelmouse, xfire, and i think one other. Typically rebelmouse is the main contextual links i get, sometimes the others are profile links.
  • i checked there engines one by one and over 95% of them dead
  • shaunshaun
    SEREngines is a waste of time an money in my experience. Tried it twice, support is terrible too.
  • @shaun dont worry am creaing web 2.0 these days

    now i accomplished about 6 web 2 profiles and about 2 gov web 2.0

    and am working on edu web 2.0

    with gov and edu web 2.0  (ur site gonna dance all night long with google)
  • i will put them on sale when they reach 30 engine
  • shaunshaun
    I use ranker x for my web 2's its the best web 2.0 tool I have ever used.
  • Nothing is "illegal" in this online SEO world. Building links to a site is not illegal. It's frowned upon by Google bot who then may or may not penalize the site. But you would be hard press to ever charge anyone or even sue someone for building links to your website. He could just claim that he thought he was helping and didn't know it was bad.

  • Shaun what is ranker X can you PM a link. Can't find anything about it.
  • @Gcampton

    A web 2.0 tool like FCS Networker. It's much better and the owner is working on adding more sites
  • ronniej556ronniej556 Trinidad
    edited November 2015
    Guys so is 1000 contextual backlinks per day safe? My competitors have around 20k-1m :( I've built like 4000 only contextual with anchor text, all unique and relevant but I don't see any improvements so far...
  • You are not putting enough effort into this SEO learning/research thing mate.
  • ronniej556ronniej556 Trinidad
    edited November 2015
    I did do that @TheGypsy, searched the same and everything. I only used contextual links, WEB 2.0, Wiki and Articles only, but It's making a lot of links, I took all my Competitors backlinks, got the correct urls which GSA can post to, and scraped some links, only engines which is supported by GSA.
    I'm getting an LPM of around 30 but some fail due to Captchas.
    I've decided to stop GSA for now.
    I've never done SEO before except for really good on-page SEO.
    I just wanted to know if the sites can still rank? I know how to and I'm getting all the verified urls indexed.

    Anyone interested in doing the SEO work for me in return for programming work?
  • shaunshaun

    How old is your domain?
    How much content is on your site?
    Are those 4000 links per day from SER alone?

    This is one of my latest SER only projects, no PBN, no Web 2 or anything.

    My keyword research method is pretty solid though and my on page is perfect.

    I literally started with 5 links per day, articles and social networks only on my T1. T2 was 10 links per day to each of them split into two projects one articles and social networks and one non contextual platforms. My T3 was the same non contextual platforms as T2, no need for contextuals down here.

    Something that may shock people to know is that my verified list is less than 10,000 domains total. The complete opposite to some of the crap I have been reading on here recently. It is a highly pruned, highly tested list and is a good example of quality over quantity in my opinion.
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