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Severe drop in LPM with new versions of SER/CB

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Something must have changed with either CB or GSA SER which has upset the balance, as i have a severe drop in my LPM with the newer versions. Prior to GSA SER 5.02 and the previous release or so of CB, i was hitting at least 200 LPM constantly. Now, after updating, and with no changes done to my projects, i can only hit mid 80's, and haven't gone over 100 LPM yet. Anyone else experience this?


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    Looking into it further, it seems to be an issue with CB. I went back to the previous version, and i'm now in the 200+'s again.
  • i haven't updated so far, but you can always roll back to previous version if you think something is wrong.

    Start Button (in Windows) -> Programs -> GSA CB/SER -> previous version
  • oh, you replied to yourself already, hehe
  • sorry for triple posting as i've seen that no updates were released today.
    for me CB v155 + SER v503 working well.

    maybe it was just coincidence?
  • lol, thought i'd keep the thread updated.

    I don't think it's a coincidence. Using the latest version of CB brings me to <100 LPM, and the moment i use the previous release v1.54 it goes back to normal again, >200 LPM.
  • i doubt that as the only changes were made in v155  are:

     1.55 - new: ability to fill captchas by hand ("Manual Input" in captcha service options)
  • yeah you're right. I've given it some time, and i'm now back down to <100 LPM again  :-((
  • maybe you have some settings in your old cb and when you update everything goes to default.
    check if you changed something.
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