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[SER] Odd Postings to Articles

edited January 2013 in Need Help

i just manually checked some verified links, and found it super odd, that most of the verified articles i had from that Tier, where like
95% MediaWiki Engine only, (of the Article Engines) and all links where coming from profile pages only, and not from the nice articles, so was wondering if this is just MediaWiki, or did i screwed some settings?


  • you need to check 'post to urls where it clearly seen as spam' in your project options which was discussed dozens of times on this board already.
  • thank you, and uhmm sorry for bringing that up again, then, (i dont read all posts) -
    my logic mind ever told me that i would never ever check something like - 'post to urls where it clearly seen as spam'  - thats sounds to my ears like act like a obvious spammer - but then ... native aint my native language
  • crap cant find where it was discussed earlier why it would make sense to mark that checkbox :D can someone point me to the right thread, please
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
  • muchas gracias, now i understand
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