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Bug with spliting and importing URLs over many projects

Afternoon @Sven Its awesome that this feature I suggested has been added so quickly but I have found a bug with it.

Once you have gone through the motions and added the URLs it kind of scales as the projects go up. An example of what I mean is below as I cant think of an easier way to explain it.

Say I have 10 URLs in a PBN. I make 10 projects, highlight them all and right click go through the motions of adding the URLs, the little box comes up that says 10 projects, 10 URLs 1 URL per project I click ok and it goes off and adds the URLs. This is where is bugs, it seems that the first project gets on URL as it should but that URL is then added to the next project as well as one more. Those two URLs are then added to the next project as well as one more and so on all the way up to project 10 getting 10 URLs instead of each project just getting one URL.

Just thought I would report it.




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