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re: Hotmail Login Failed

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I'm trying to setup a new project and when I enter a new hotmail in, it fails to login. I've tried using the 'Find Settings' button and still nothing. Just comes back with 'Login Failed'.

I bought a load of hotmail emails from Fiverr and they've been fine. When I use the login details directly to login manually to hotmail, it works.

I've got quite a number of projects running at the moment and I've not had this problem before. Any ideas?


  • post a screenshot of your e-mail settings.
    also make sure you don't copy/paste any spaces.
  • edited January 2013
    Here is a screenshot, I've checked and double checked, also tried some other hotmail emails and still not working.


    Not sure if the image is working, so here is a screenshot link:
  • settings looking fine for me.
    maybe AV/FW is blocking something?
  • May be unrelated...

    Yesterday I found that most of my unused hotmail addresses were no longer valid. Normally, I'd have 1 or 2 in 100 that were no good. On that same list now I can only find about 1 in 10 that are good. I think hotmail did some house cleaning on unused accounts.
  • cant be....... I bought some 9 month old mails, they work..
  • ^^^ I was surprised when I tried them.  Just used a bunch last week and they were fine.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    My hotmails all seem to be fine.

    @wezza do you have another computer/browser to test them on to make sure you're not seeing cache?
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    Got it working.

    @Brandon, It's on a VPS. Ok, so I tried it on my home PC and it worked. Tried the exact same setting on my copy on the VPS and again 'Failed Login' message.

    So I rebooted the VPS and Lo and behold it works again. Not sure what the issue was but it's working now.

    Thanks to all who replied"

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