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Is it just me? (Pause Project After)

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I didn't want to put this in bugs, because I am convinced it's something I am doing, but I can't see what. I set my project up, and checked "Pause Project After", and selected 80 +- 30 verifications for 1440 minutes. I had to manually make the project inactive at 136 verifications. Is anyone else getting this? Any clues as to what I might be doing wrong?


  • don't set it to 1440 minutes as everytime you restart SER your counter will be resetted.
    change it to "submit a day" which works fine for me.
  • Thanks Ozz, I did reset, so that probably was it (good thing I didn't put it in bugs)... although it would be a nice feature to remember this after the reset. How do I do "Submit a day"?

    Also, while I'm at it, I've got another question if that's ok. After I reset, my "submitted" count went to 0. If I backup all, then reset (oh, and the reset was from upgrading), the restore all after upgrading, will that fix this problem?

    If yes, given how often updates come, it might be a nice feature to auto backup when upgrading, and auto restore after it's done.
  • click the blue underlined line to change that setting. in fact all blue underlined lines are clickable in SER.

    'submit a day' counter will be safed when upgrading. you don't need to backup before upgrading. just do that once in while in case something corrupts your database.
  • Awesome, thanks. Funny enough, I had clicked it, but I had only ever clicked it once to get to verified. Out of interest, use use submit instead of verified? How many submitted do you normally do in a day to a new site?
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