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Proper Way To Utilize Web 2.0?

Hey everyone:

Having some manual Web2.0s created...  However, I have a few questions that I'd love for yall to help with:

1) How do I go about adding links to the "money site"? Do I intersperse them in the articles? Add them in a link page? Thoughts?
2) How do I make sure the Web 2.0 doesn't get ranked versus the money site? Is that a real concern?



  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited October 2015
    1) I'd add the links in the article. But i'd not add any links till the site is indexed and ranking first.

    2) If the web 2.0 ranks higher than your Money Site, then just link directly to the product you're selling and make sales from the web 2.0 site also.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Create one, add your article and link, done.

    It's really that simple, anything else you decide to do, is your personal preference, I've seen a lot of these recommendations preaching about "create your account, post an article and let it sit for 1 week, then go back to that article and edit it and put your link in it" but personally, I think that's all myth.

    Web 2.0s are free to create, so if 1 gets deleted, make another one. If a Web 2.0 account is going to get suspended, it will get suspended for spam or for looking like it has been created automatically, not because there's 1 hyperlink being directed to your money site.

    About the method of waiting a few days prior to adding your link within the article you posted, you do understand that, that same article will need to be recrawled, recached and reindexed for the link to count right and pass full weight? Now what's the point in making 1 article go through the process twice?

    The only benefit I see from waiting prior to linking is due to your money sites link loss over time, an organic site should always have low link loss over time simply because links that are made naturally tend to stick around for a lot longer than automated links that are created but other than that, its just wasting time in my eyes.

    Most things people read about techniques and SEO is utter rubbish.
  • Thanks everyone!

    So you suggest ONE link per Web 2.0?

    Does the article have to be hyper specific or is the general topic ok?

  • How do you guys gage the power your web 2.0's have? Do you use AHREF URL Rating? I find that after two months or even three months of blasting three tiers my web 2.0 still have a MOZ PA of 1. Why is that
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited October 2015
    In order to effectively increase your moz stats, you need to be "blasting" your web 2s with sites that already have authority.

    If you're blasting rubbish to a web 2.0, don't expect its' authority to increase ASAP. I can normally get all my tier 1 web 2.0s to around 30+ PA in a matter of a couple of months.

    If SER purchased sitelists is all you have, then you'll need to create a tier 3 and 4 in order to funnel the authority to your tier 1's which will eventually increase your moz statistics, but ofcourse, there are ways to shorten this workload by using different link sources.

  • Tim89Tim89
    There are only a handful of platforms I use within SER nowadays, Joomla K2 NOT being one of them, they are the most useless link sources I have ever come across, this is probably the reason why there are so many of them available, I would stay away from these links.

    I do hope Sven can introduce a few more newer contextual platforms soon.
  • Just to pick up on something that was mentioned earlier in the thread;

    The reason people say to go back and edit your articles after a few days to a week is because some web2s will instantly ban your account if you post an article with links right away, no matter how good quality it is.

    You can obviously choose not to post to such sites, and you're probably not going to want to use the technique when you don't need to, but that's the reasoning behind it FWIW.

    Anyway, to answer the OP's questions;

    1. You're going to want your links to be surrounded by relevant text, so having the link in an article as opposed to a 'links' page would be better.

    2. If the web2 ranks (which it most likely wont) then as Trevor Bandura said -  happy days. Two SERP listings for the price of one.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Well that doesn't really answer the question...

    So they ban you account if you post straight away? So why not set up your Web 2.0 account creator to just create accounts, the wait a couple of days and then "blast" without having to go back and forth.
  • In an ideal world you'd do just that, but the problem's not really to do with posting an article as soon as you create an account.

    With some sites when you post an article with links it will get your account suspended, whereas if you go back and edit in the links later it won't. This happens regardless of whether you let the accounts sit for a while before you post to them, or not.
  • edited October 2015
    It took me like 3 months to boost my 2.0's PA up to the 30+ range.
  • Most say Moz DA/PA is useless metrics and easily manipulated, If so, why do you rely on these stats?
  • How often and how many links do you point to your 2.0?
  • Anonymous

    Every single metric can be manipulated.What's your point ? That doesn't mean that they have not any value.
  • @Anonymous

    We know that. We just want a metric that can be used as a reasonably fair and accurate way to determine whether ser is being effective or not... Its better than nothing. 
  • I have created many thousands of 2.0's over the last two years. About half end up being rubbish. But imo that means half are decent to use, which is a very good thing. I haven't seen a huge difference in the accounts being deleted based on the speed of dropping a link, though I don't drop the link until I have two content only articles successfully posted. Then the third article have the relevant contextual link, then the 2.0's are loaded into GSA SER and off we go for tier 2 + 3. Nothing fancy. Just need to be well organized when you start getting into the thousands of accounts.
    I would agree with others on here that after a few months the 2.0 seems to hit peak value. I don't fall in love with my 2.0's as they can disappear in a snap. Slow and steady, filling in the backslide when needed.
    I also agree with @Tim89, have to scrape your own lists. Purchased lists are pretty worthless these days.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Although moz stats may mean nothing, this is all that's available and is a way of tracking the juice a URL yields.
  • @Tim89
    thanks for the useful tips.
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