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Wicked article creator problem

Hey guys, please help me. why my WAC to scraping article is not respond. just loading and not completed. I've been waiting about 6 hours.
please give me the answer. Thanks


  • This is a GSA related forum, not WAC.
  • Tim89Tim89
    There was a problem with the server I think, give it some time it should be fixed.
  • mine is working. proxy issue? not enough articles to scrape for keyword? i had both issues in the past.
  • Use proxies your issue will be resolved. I have been facing the same problem.
  • As far as I can remember, the owner (Vicky) stopped working on the software furthermore.

    I think it's better if you contact him anyway.
  • its missed up software dont use wac

    use kontent machine its number 1 in article category
  • Thanks guys for your Responds, Now my wac is not a working. i try to use a kontent machine, while using the trial version. thank you very much. but i hope my wac can be working again.
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