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New Member Looking For Advice (Please!)

Not sure if I accidentally posted this in the wrong place originally. Mods, feel free to delete or merge it as needed!
Hey everyone, 

New member starting my journey into the world of GSA.

Was told by Sven to make a post here introducing myself (low key) and becoming part of the community.

Long story short, I am looking to rank YouTube videos on Google... but I am very new to the SEO side of things, so I wanted to ask for some advice and some help. The videos are all low to "low medium" competition.

1) Besides SER and CB, what else, if anything, would I need at the moment to rank those videos?
2) What process or system works best and/or would be suggested? Social Bookmarks only? Bookmarks and Wiki? A full three tier pyramid?
3) Similar to question #2, what type of links would you suggest in this situation?
4) Do I need or would you suggest that I grab a list from a vendor or is that overkill for this situation?

Sorry for the hassle. Like I said, I'm new to all of this and trying my best to get my feet wet. I will give back 10 fold once I am a bit more educated on the matter.


  • Anyone? Thanks!
  • Tim89Tim89
    You say you want to rank youtube videos?

    I'd suggest firstly, to play around with strategies, mixing up platforms and tier structures, believe me this is the best way to learn for yourself, it's all well and good people describing what they do to help others but everyone reads information differently, what works for some may not work for others.

    A basic rule of thumb is to keep your tier 1 links as high in DA as possible, not going overboard with the spamming, then build your tier 2 links at a 10x ratio and then at a 100x ratio at the tier 3 level, You may think these tiering ratios are quite high but if you're using primarily SER to rank, you need to create the authority from not so good link sources, for me personally, I've resorted to only using a select few platforms as many do not have the authority I need to rank in my niche which is just pointless and a waste of time, this may be different when ranking a video placed on youtube though.

    Other great link sources are FCS Networker and purchasable PBN services which are scattered all around the web, you'll need to weed out the good'ns from the baddys though by testing them.

    I would also recommend using an indexing service, this does help speed up the entire ranking process by getting these backlinks you create visible within the Google radar.

    I'm quite busy right now but feel free to drop me a message if you need more help and I'll get back to you.
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