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How To Get better and learn more with SEO

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What books, courses, websites, etc..  do you recommend to learn more about seo? Backlinking?

I did OMG Machines a while ago. The Course is poor (I make better over the shoulder vids and only sell them for 25€...) .

But it brought me to much better on page SEO, tier 1 freeblogs and in the end using GSA SER - because ultimate article wizard and such stuff aint available for GERMAN.

Well in the end i got GSA, which is a great product..

1 year ago I did Chris Mentor me. Learned a ton about facebook, marketing, affiliate and so on..

But relying on to get into G's ranking aint a good idea. And to get traffic with FB is lots of daily work.. I mean really WORK.......

not like writing a great spintax article and using that over and over again......

Oh, and no.. I dont like the "try it out myself" and fail 100 times where ares have failed the same way..


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