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GSA SER still working for ranking?

I was thinking to start again using gsa ser but dont know what's situation now, is it safe to use for main site for diversity purposes?
I still have one website 1 year old ranking #1 for all kwds, gsa ser used on it.


  • Tim89Tim89
    Sure, why not.
  • Yup, start a 3 tier campaign with PR3+ contextuals on Tier - 1, contextuals only on Tier - 2, others on Tier - 3. There you go.......
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    seo works like a fucking charm. stay away from moz, blackhatworld and searchenginelandfill and you'll be fine.
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    @gsa8mycows @perfecter @Tim89 What capcha breaking combo do you recommend? And what do you recommend for content, is SCM good?
  • I will recommend you Captcha breaker, DBC, Captchatronix. and SCM is good for GSA also you can use WAC.
  • Yeah I'd say if you use SEO Content Machine in a smart way to generate some unique content and use a nice fresh list you can still rank with GSA SER only. Even at middle competition niche(around 10k+ search volume) without issues.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Keyword being "fresh list" and also "unique content" two things that would need a tiny bit of effort to do, but sadly, most do not. :)
  • @penumbra, I mostly use this combo -
    1. 1st Service in GSA: Captcha breaker with 3 retries, reverseproxies configured inside Captcha Breaker so that it will receive all the recapchas directly+only.
    2. 2nd Service in GSA: Captchatronix with 4 retries.

    Run no more than 200-270 threads, most people don't need anymore than that if you have less than 20 projects.

    SCM is good NOW. It used to freeze up a lot never letting you whether the campaign is completed or not, you just had to kill it manually via Task Manager. But I got an email recentely they they fixed it.
  • perfecter

    yes. they have fixed that rdp freezed error. but still having issues with spinwriter api :) .


    works like charm.i am using high domain autority targets with pr3 above and results are great. I am not sure why many people hates bhw . I personally go there and there are useful information.
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    @Eli713 Do you recommend using these footprints that are integrated in scrapebox 2 for scraping lists?
    Also what captcha combo you use?
  • I now look at SEO differently. I focus only on my tier 1's as if they are my money site. From there I build my tiers.
    Throwing garbage at your money site these days is not smart. Too risky. G is just too good at sorting things now. I would rather take the risk and hit on a tier 1 link than my money site. And remember every other site out there is seo'ing too. Even the so called white hats, who have been caught many times doing what we do. So part of the paradigm then is to minimize the 'risk' to your money site which in turn actually gives you relevant strength as other sites are filtered in G's constant updating. To be honest, I don't really care about the 'number' of links I create with GSA, just about the quality. I set my filters pretty high and sort out a tight set for articles.
    I use FCS ever day to build out Tier 1's and load unique content that I then spin. I also have a PBN that is several years old and very conservatively seo'd.
    My ranking is ok. I see new churn and burners zip by me for a month or two every now and then, but I know they will soon drop off. I have locked in a decent spot with my strategy.
    Basically my tools right now are FCS, GSA, SB, CB, and manually created sites for my PBN.
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    @viking It's always good to throw some HQ guest posts, but ones on high authority websites, that cost 60$+. That way you make your link profile strong, it will not fall of so easily in serps even with negative seo done to your site. Google look also at these websites that your link coming from, so high traffic website will always help.
  • Eli713Eli713 USA
    edited October 2015

    I am not big fan of scraping my self. Used to go with Gscarper and after they started to banned proxy gos proxies i didnt want to try.

    I am using looplines  (t2) and ser verified lists for my t1 campaigns. And i am into black hat niches and works charm.

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