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Problem with results and verification of backlinks

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Hello friends, I bought GSA SER few days ago, and I have problem with verification of backlinks, so please if somebody experienced can take look in my settings so maybe he/she will notice something that I didn't ? 

I'm using SER on my home comp AMD triple core, 2GB RAM,  public proxies, and CB...

This is my settings and results after 36h of SER work :
1- Img1
2- img2

Thank's, Kajzer ! :)


  • i take a quick look at your screenshots and its always the same with you guys ;) *jk*

    - uncheck 'always use keywords to find sites'
    - and public proxies of course

  • It get faster now thank's, can you explain that to me if you have time, 'cos i thought if I want niche related target sites, i need to check that ? 
  • niche related backlinks are mostly blog comments so you might want to seperate them. but its hard to find niche related directories for example with footprints+keyword so you're limiting your options
  • OK, thank's, in one moment i got almost all fields in project data section yellowed, is that mean something or it is some mistake ?
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    Guys please someone help, i have big problem with GSA SER verifications for hundredth time, maybe it is 'cos public proxies but i'm deleting proxies which are slower than 3 sec and i'm using  proxy scraper "Proxy Multiply" and CB but nothing i have puted my settings if somebody can see it, Ozz tryed to help me few days ago but nothing was changed, and I tested all types of suggested settings from forum and again nothing changed... 

    1 - photo1
    2 - Photo2
    3 - Photo3
    4 - Photo4
    5 - Photo5

  • OzzOzz
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    plain and simple


    you can also uncheck the identified site list and either the verification list or submission list. for the beginning just leave the submitted list checked IMO (<-- Photo 3 - use global site lists)

    PS: next time post the images directly to your post with the image symbol (right next to the link symbol). its way easier to read.
  • true, public proxies sucks, bur i can't belaeve that i am only one who using public proxies on forum and have bad results, if someone else can tell his results with public proxies that would be nice, Ozz can you tell me please from your experience how long your private proxies last when you using them GSA SER for example 20 PP ? Thanks
  • what do you mean with 'how long they last'? they should work a month and then you get another batch of proxies from your provider automatically. if its happen that one proxy is dead than you have to contact your provider to get a new one.
  • It was working ok for me with public proxies. But when I switched to 10 shared private proxies 2 days ago my verified has now DOUBLED!
  • @Ozz i was asking that 'cos earlier when I was using PP in scrapebox, 10 PP was last max 5-7day when SB is in process of harvesting URLs and posting comm...I'm asking 'cos of that...
    @seagul man can you look in my settings five comments upward form here to compare with your set. ?
  • PP = private or public proxies?

    however, when proxies are burned in scrapebox than it just means that they are temporarly banned for searching, but not for posting.
    as SER doesn't search/scrape all the time and you are able to configure the query time between searches you won't have any problems at all unless you are using shared proxies and someone else hammer a search engine to get temp banned.
  • PP=private proxies....but if they last 1 month in SER...that's cool.....cheers
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