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Delete Emails Older Than 5 Days

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited January 2013 in Need Help

I've been trying to decide when to use this option. 

I use a catchall and this seems really useful. 

My question is:
1) What happens when I have it enabled on multiple projects (5) which use the same catchall? Does it do it for each of them? 
2) Is it better to have it enabled only on 1 project? 

Any thoughts?


  • don't you use a cron job for your catchalls to delete emails older than XXX days already?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I used to, but it's much easier to keep it within GSA SER. I was having issues with cron's not running, and moving catchall server meant I had to redo them all, so rather going to handle it within GSA SER. 
  • 1- if all these projects are running in the same time , it doesn't make sense to use this option in all of them.

    2- Put it in 1 project that is running all the time or most of the time (at least once per day) and you should be fine. This is the way I set it and it's working fine.
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