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My IP is listed at StopForumSpam Dot COM And So Is Yours. Go Check it! Thanks GSA!

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My ip address along with my campaign emails have been recorded at StopForumSpam dot Com. There are 28 entries listed stating im a spammer and its displaying my campaign emails along with my servers ip address. (:

This means, GSA is revealing my VPS's true ip address somehow and i d like to know how!!!

See if your listed. Replace with your server ip address.

Try it for yourself. Go to;

This really pisses me off especially when i have trusted GSA to keep my ip hidden. Whats the point of using proxies? I may as well have just used my servers ip address to spam the world.



  • mine did show up BUT the eMail associated to it are eMail IDs I've used with another SEO software and NOT the eMails associated with GSA SER.

    Now I have to open a support ticket with that other SEO software on why my IP address showed in spite of using proxies.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Did you have the option "Automatically Disable Proxies" under proxy options selected? If so, you could have had all your proxies go down and use your normal IP. This would be a user error rather than a SER error. 
  • SvenSven
    So hard words...well the only way your IP can be sent to them is using no proxies, none anonymous proxies or wrong proxy settings.
  • I use private proxies and I have never had my IP flagged for spam...
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    OMG , my server's IP is listed as well !! along with 7 of my emails ( 3 of them are .tk catchall emails )

    I always use 30 Private proxies from Proxy-hub and the "Automatically Disable Proxies" is always turned off to hide my real IP.

    I sometimes use public proxies , maybe these public proxies are not anonymous ?! I have no clue.

    I also use proxies for posting / pr check only.


    1- What do you think is the problem ? 
    2- How can we detect the none anonymous proxies ?
    3- What do you think is the wrong proxy settings that may lead to this problem ?

    My Proxy settings when using 30 Proxy-hub Private proxies ( most of the time )


    My settings when using Public proxies ( sometimes ) with 200 Active threads


    Any help will be much appreciated. I just want to prevent this from happening in the future.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    It might not be you that got the IP listed. I'd guess you're on a VPS on a shared IP. It could be any other user that got it listed.

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    Learn to clean your lists (remove honeypot sites - scrape them from stopforumspam and add to GSA) and go with bulletproof hosting + use fullproof proxies, where the provider does not give a shit about SFS or a good VPN at least. 

    We've been listed only once sofar and that's with the VPN IP we use - after spamming millions upon millions of links.
  • Lots of public proxies are transparent and will show your real ip.
  • @GlobalGoogler

    No, It's listed with my OWN catchall email domain & hotmails.


    1- How can I add honey post sites to GSA ?

    2- Do you know a good bulletproof VPS provider ?

  • @sawa73

    Probably you are right. Public proxies are crap!


    What vpn do you use ? any recommendations ?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @mamadou - are you on a VPS?
  • @GlobalGoogler

    Yes , bermanhost. I also use .tk catchall domain.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Exactly, yours is not the only VPS on a server IP. That's what I was saying that others may have got the SERVER ip on that list, not you. 
  • @GlobalGoogler

    I understand what you mean. But it's not true since other users on the vps will not use my .tk domain for their emails ! , right ?


    It's listed with my own .tk domain though.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    That's your email that's got listed, not the server IP, unless the records match your actual server IP and emails.
  • That's what I'm telling you. Server's IP + Email ...both are mine on one record. So it's definitely me not other vps users.
  • VPN Tunnel is okay - sofar no bans.

    You can scrape the sites from SFS directly and add them under options in GSA. 
  • If you use public proxies you need to check them against a proxy judge (not a public judge, they are not reliable and steal your good proxies). Or just dont use public proxies for posting.
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    "No activity seen from this IP in approximately 10 weeks"

    And before that only one (1) record, and that might be just me while I was testing things around...

    As I'm running full power ahead ever since (with private proxies of course)...

    Now, on the other had, proxies are listed (that's expected), I've checked that with previous batch, but server IP isn't...

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    I was thinking, are you using other tools on your vps?

    Ultimate D
    or even Kontent Machine

    Maybe one of these are responsible.

    How the hell can we tell???

    Hey sootedninjas you said your email address associated with your ip address is for another software and not GSA, which one?

    Also, i dont use the same email address with different pieces of software. The emails i used were only used for GSA and those are listed so i cant say for sure that this is a result of another piece of software revealing my ip address. Strange.
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    @mikie46, what kind of proxies are you using?
  • I have never used anything other than private proxies, from

    Why is this reply underlining???

  • First of all, I've done several test with this (the reason being is that my host terminated my account when my server ip got listed) anyway i've done several test with xrumer, GSA, scrapebox to find out why it got listed in the first place.

    GSA, it leaked only because I forgot to disable the "Automatically disable bad proxys on use" and this is when I was using private proxy's. When I used public proxy's no matter what I did, it seems to always leak and there are various reasons on why this can happen, remember all it takes is 1 non anonymous proxy and BAM your screwed. This is why I never use public proxy's for anything except scraping since the risk is two high.

    Scrapebox, it always leak despite using private proxy's so if you are using both GSA and scrapebox on the same VPS I can assure you that scrapebox dose leaks, there could be various reasons why but im not sure. If scrapebox disables dead proxy's than this could be the reason why... Im looking into this issue further as I still need to use scrapebox for certain task.

    Xrumer, dose the same exact thing as scrapebox and the thing about xrumer is that I know for a fact that it disables dead proxy's automatically which will lead to your real ip being shown.

    All in all, I know that its not GSA doing (it could be tho if your setting are wrong), its most likely something in your settings or other programs you might be using.
  • Looking at the report again i see the top 2 entries at stopforumspam to be the email addresses i started on Jan 26th. I was reported on the 28th and i have never used the email address with any other tool except GSA. Thats for sure. So this is leaking out via the GSA tool.
  • I believed StopForumSpam is included in the GSA SER blacklisted site list, if you chose that option, and SER scrapes that site so not to submit to any site on that list.

    @mikie46 AKV, they are working on a solution now for the next release since I reported the issue.

    some of my proxy IP showed up but the eMails are NOT mine and I would guess from others was shared since my proxies are semi-private.

    @mamadou and @lwd

    I stop using .tk domains. As part of there TOS, the domains can not be used for spam so if someone reported your site you will loss all your domain under the same .tk account WHICH WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. So I'm trying to rebuild my eMails using paid .INFO in combination of hotmail accounts.
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    na. I am an SEO / SER newby. bought some semi proxies. my email is in the blacklist too, WTF, dont care.

    but only before the proxy time my IP from my DSL shows up.

    after using proxies, no where...

    Oh, and stop using that free / public proxy stuff.. been there too. just hurts your success..
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    Why Sven is dodging this thread all day today? No ideas or comments? Seriously. I see Sven answering msgs above and below this thread. Come on man, this is important isnt it?
  • My ip is listed too, but i had wrong proxies settings (disable bad proxies on use...). I just started some projects on a new IP (ip not listed on stopforumspam) with 30 private proxies and option "disable bad proxies on use" unchecked. I need to be sure.
  • i am truly not a SER expert, but how can you blame Sven or SER for this, cause it has close to nothing to do with it.

    check your SFS listing again, and look close, whenever you got some ip or email listed with this nice toxic symbol, they make connections and rapidly blacklist all the things connected allong the line.

    most shared proxy providers have absolute shit proxies, they are good for SB Blogcomments, but for a powerfull tool like SER they are of no good use, imho

    in my findings most shared proxies ips are already listed as toxic on SFS, or are within using them for just a few days, cant explain why thou, however i have some private proxies, since 6 months, and none of them did get ever toxic, and not being toxic they vanish from their database after some weeks

    anyways .... just a few thoughts

    i realized that it happens from time to time, that proxies are down, or not accessible just for a short period, therefore i have my check proxies set to every 20 minutes, and to scrape public ones in case my privates are down,
    way better would be having private ones from like 2 or 3 different providers thou

    - its logic that when you run SER even for short time, without proxies it runs on your server IP, but thats hardly the fault of SER when your proxies go down


    although some settings like stop doing anything if proxies are down, would make sense in SER

    no offense please on your catchall, why not use a domain which is less spammy in the first place, get a .com / .net / .org - i am sure that something like is still free,
    also make sure to put on your fake email domain, a redirect to so that it looks like part of their company assets, then its much more unlikely to get blacklisted to begin with,

    another thing is basically, it was talked about in another thread, dont use Forums and Social Bookmarks on your first tier, cause SFS gets most used by Forums and Pligg Sites.


    as for the private proxies ...
    a hoster i know offers 2 packages, 20 proxies for 30, or 50 proxies for 60, thats the one i am using, he dont advertise them, and when somebody is interested shoot me a PM, or even better ask some smaller hosters, i am sure more hosters would offer a package like that

  • some of you need to seriously chill out. if your balls are gonna shrink up over getting listed on SFS, you might want to look for another method for promoting your site.
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