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WEB 2.0 engines

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Can anyone provide a list of WEB 2.0 engines for GSA? Willing to pay for a list if necessary. I'm looking at some of the high PR sites like LiveJournal, Bravesite, weebly etc.



  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I don't think any of them work.  I know there are people working on custom configs and you can find details on how to do that in the sticky threads.  Right now only xfire works for me so I don't use that module.
  • Brandon is right.
    But it will be a great value if we could build tier 1 links with gsa aswell. I would pay another 10-20$ per month only for a subscription that allows us to use a web 2.0 module with GSA. It would be so awsome :(, and i am sure alot of people will even pay for a monthly subscription for this platform to work.
  • Well I'm using UD to create the Tier 1 stuff, but I guess using one platform would make life easier :)

    Jamese (or his company) is working on a paid solution.
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