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Tier 1 Link Deindexed after spamming links to it.

Hi, I have certain Tier 1 links were indexed 3 days ago, but after spamming it with contextual do-follow backlinks they become deindexed from Google. Anyone knows what is wrong? 


  • Tim89Tim89
    edited August 2015
    Depending on the tier 1 link authority, this does tend to happen when building a lot of tier 2 links, it's normal and the tier 1 link should return back into the index after a while.

    If the tier 1 link has some authority already, then it should have more resilience to be able to handle the spam tier 2 you throw at it, in comparison to a Joomla k2 tier 1 link, spamming a tier 1 like this, will result in the tier 1 link becoming indexed/deindexed until it has gained enough authority to withstand the spam you throw at it.

    It's the same principle when looking at trying to "negative seo" bigger/authority sites, a load of spam will do nothing to them, only reinforce them, however, if a smaller less established site were to receive spam, it'll go through the google dance and possibly suffer from being in and out of the index until the spam finishes or it has gained enough authority.

    This is why spamming something without controlling its' crawling rate or indexing rate is important, if you're spamming your backlinks, you'll want to try to control when the search engines see your links to stop this from happening, it is always advised to build your links slowly and steady, if you want to spam though, then to counter the spamming, drip feed your links.

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