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How did ISP get my IP ? Check my settings for me

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So after a couple years of using proxies with SER not problems then this last week my ISP has called me a couple times saying there is some malware on a PC at my house (obviously talking about SER lol) but I don't know what exactly would be leaking my info. I followed some suggestions on the forums about correct private proxy settings but maybe I messed something up. Back a couple weeks ago I was testing different settings and I set it so verification was not using a proxy for about 1 day and I wondered if that is was spiked my ISPs attention for that one day, but they are still calling so something must be wrong outside of that. 

In the first screenshot the "disable banned proxies" under search engines, is that what might be causing it? Because with these 10 private proxies for example they get banned after a while right ? So then it's using my home IP after it ever detects a proxy banned ? 

Here are the screenshots of my proxy settings 


  • SER activity dont look like normal user activity. With proxies ISP is able to see what are you doing. If you want to hide this from your ISP you need VPN. Tell your ISP that you use some tools for your job and these tools use alot of bandwidth, or use VPN. Anyway best option would be VPS.
  • SvenSven
    proxy setup looks good to me.
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    satyr85 My ISP said the IP from this specific computer (the one running SER) is causing the alert so something must be off right ? 

    The options tab part the "automatically search for new proxies" every X minutes  how many minutes should I put that ? Is that setting what makes it rescan my private proxies once down to see if back up ? 
  • SvenSven
    thats a setting to search/test for proxies. All found proxies by that are of course public. You do not need that as you have private proxies. You can just disable all providers and let it only test your proxies again to see if they are back online.
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    If there is a problem with my settings I think I might know why. I found this old thread where @ron pointed something out about disabling private proxies when detected down.

    My last question that maybe ron could answer, is the more recent setting under the "Search Engines" section the "Disable banned proxies"   should that be turned off then too ?
  • are you JUST running SER on that comp? any sattelight apps like SB or CB or Gscraper?
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    @BigGulpsHuhWelp  just SER and Captcha Breaker, there is nothing in the captcha breaker settings that should influence proxy related stuff right ? I think all the settings in CB are pretty much blank as I only use SER with CB
  • Run the tools with a VPN. I recommend you to get AirVPN, they don't keep logs and your ISP will never know your internet usage if you run gsa with vpn
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