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Huge CPU usage -

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Please, help me.
I use ~12 project at one moment and my CPU usage is 98% still.
Before i use ~15 project and it was ok... what's happend?


  • And I use 100 private proxies (50 Threads (in proxiex otpions and 120 timeout)) and I have:
    It's normal? (look at red selection)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    That is after the test, when all threads are finished. Does it increase to a number while you run the proxy test?
  • that thread count is for testing the proxies only and those threads are only used for that.
    they have nothing to do with the threads you have defined for other tasks in 'options -> submission'
  • Ok thx :) but what happends with CPU? (post 1)
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    CPU will be used anytime you're running GSA.  I would play with the threads to see if you can get it under control if that matters to you.

    For me, I want the CPU at 99%, that means I'm using my resources as effectively as possible.
  • But when I have 99 CPU, I can edit project's details or add new projects.

    How many project I use at one moment?
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