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The Only GSA SER Tutorial You Will Ever Need to Read

inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
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Hey guys,

I love GSA SER and have been using it for a long, long time now, so I decided to write an extensive tutorial on the software. Even though I was a programmer before I quit my regular job, I still needed a few weeks to grasp the full power of Search Engine Ranker. All of the tutorials I found online were both outdated and not detailed enough, or were just split into many parts. I like things centralized so I decided to write an all-in-one tutorial for GSA SER. Anyway, I hope this helps someone. Thank you for taking the time to read this!



  • SvenSven
    just had a quick view on it...really amazing and really deep into everything. Do you mind if I link it from the docu page? I never managed to keep that updated (once I will finish though)?
  • Hey Sven,

    Of course, link from it from the docu page. It's no problem at all.

  • I forgot to mention that the tutorial not only looks at the functionality of GSA SER, but I also write about how you can quickly and easily build your own huge lists with verified URLs. Just wanted to note that.
  • it is pretty good. i hope you dont mind a recommendation: i think it would be even better if you made a video for each section of your tutorial, and just posted the video at the top of each section.

    Regardless, very good work. That certainly took some effort.
  • Yea mate,

    I am considering making a video, but at the moment I am swamped with other stuff. Maybe I will shoot it in the near future if I can get it into my schedule.

  • I know how that goes. I hate making videos. Cheers!
  • Cheers dude!
  • If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to shoot straight either here or as a comment of the GSA SER tutorial blog post. I'd be happy to answer guys.

  • that link is down, can u fix it. i get 403 forbidden
  • Don't see any problem with it mate. Opens up like a charm for me. Anyone else having issues?
  • I'm from canada- getting the following:

    You don't have permission to access /gsa-search-engine-ranker-ultimate-tutorial-and-genuine-review-seo-software-of-the-gods/
    on this server.
  • I am looking into the issue. Please anyone who has any problem accessing the link, leave a comment. Thank you guys!
  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited August 2015
    Works for me so I'm trying to debug it from a different angle.
  • I really can't find any problem mate. Can you try again? I tested from several locations and the site loads as it should. Let me know how it goes.
  • edited August 2015
    been better if it was in a table of contents or something. 

    Thanks for the share, must took a long time to write

    I just put it in word counter over 20000 words
  • @inet_solutions. Nope still no bueno.

    - hmm, not sure why is happening. Tried on several browsers on two dif ip's
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp Can you try to open just the homepage?
  • @mikey08 I was thinking of adding a table of contents actually, but it seems pointless, because the GSA Search Engine Ranker tutorial walks through each of the elements of the software, so if anyone is looking to understand some element, they can simply search for it and it will show up.

    And yea, the post is more than 25k words, but it didn't take me that long to write, because I already know GSA SER like the palm of my hands.

  • @inet_solutions none of it opens for me
  • Check your inbox mate. We will fix this.
  • Awesome share! According to it you use GSA even to create tier 1 for all your projects, right? Do you really recommend that nowadays?
  • @tio-jr I would recommend this only to someone who knows what they are doing and who have created a nice list with verified URLs especially for that Tier 1. But, even if you haven't done all that, just adding a PR3+ or even PR5+ filter on the Tier 1 project and then adding some other filters (bad words, bad words in domain, etc) will suffice and make some nice Tier 1 backlinks.

    Regards mate!
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp Problem should be solved now.

  • inet_solutionsinet_solutions Bulgaria
    edited August 2015
    Guys, I just wrote an in-depth tutorial on GSA Proxy Scraper and you might want to check it out:

    Hope this helps someone out!
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    Great and detailed tutorial! helped me as a newbie. 

    That would be great if you show more detail about the best settings to build a campaign. I just bought GSA but had problem to get verified links, took some days but only got 20 links. So my expectation is by following your settings I will get more result and better understanding about GSA.

    Anyway good job!
  • @sage Thank you mate! Anyway, towards the end of the tutorial I have written two sections specifically for your needs - best settings for projects and how you can create your very own verified lists quickly and easily. Just scroll down and you will see them.

  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    edited September 2015
    Hey @inet_solutions you made my day!!!

    I just gather the treasure info from your website and really your article is the answer for almost of my questions :)

    no wonder I just stuck around in a circle waiting and waiting for GSA to create higher verified links for most of day while the other start making their own list and sleeping tight.

    My big thanks to you mate!

  • @sage It's my pleasure! I'm glad you found what you were looking for!

  • This is the mother of all gsa tutorials, best i have seen so far. Its more a glossary. Thanks! :)
  • @Reinstecker I'm happy you liked it mate!
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