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How to use this with Magic Submitter

edited January 2013 in Need Help

I am using magic submitter, the captcha option include

Use captcha window (manually enter)
Use bypass captcha (enter key)
Use deathbycaptcha (enter username and password)

Use Captcha Spinner (tick box)

I am confused on how to use your captcha breaker, do I just choose any of these services, and enter random information like abcdef as "username", and "password"??  I do not have account with any of these services

Please give me instructions, thanks


  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    I don't own Magic Submitter so all i write is theoretically only.

    As MS has a captcha sniper option it may be best to use this for CB. Check that option in MS and activate 'Webserver' only in CB. 'Simulate the following...' is not needed.

    In case this don't work you can choose one of the captcha services in MS and simulate this in CB with activating 'Webserver' and check 'DeathByCatcha' for example along with 'Simulate the following...'. Username and Password is not needed or you can choose whatever you want like 'Username: User' and 'Password: Pass' and use that in CB accordingly.

    In case MS convert all images to JPG format you need to check 'Do not use the image type...' box, too.

    PS: If there are some sites you like to have captcha definitions for than do some screenshots of all the sites MS is submitting to and sent me a PM. I will take a look into these when I have time for this.
  • Thanks for the reply, is GSA Capture Breaker one kind of captcha snipes?
  • SvenSven
    What do you mean with "one kind of captcha snipes" ?
  • Is GSA Captcha Breaker is one of these "captcha snipes" software?
  • The success rate is "0", am I doing something wrong?
  • post a screenshot of your CB settings
  • image
    This image below is "Magic Submitter"'s captcha options


    This iamge below is CB's setting page.

  • try with 'use captcha sniper' in MS and 'run as webserver' in CB. leave 'simulate the following captcha services unchecked' and make sure that port 80 isn't blocked by skype, teamviewer or something else.
  • OzzOzz
    edited January 2013
    i see your log shows that it gets the captchas. if you only get recaptchas than they are skipped by default, because the solving rate is 0% basically (= 0/13).
  • I am very confused.

    In MS, I clicked "use captha spiner"

    In CB, I clicked on "run as webserver"
              The "simulate the following captcha service" is un-checked

    When I try to create accounts, in MS, there are error message "unable to log into captcha solving services“

    How should I do?
  • SvenSven
    @skytower, can you try to use something else in MS (e.g. decaptcher) and simulate it in CB?
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