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link SER to indexer


I m wnodering how to have SER links automatically added to GSA indexer.

Can t find a way to do it...

Thanks for your help.


  • u don't need's automatically connected. u just keep them running.

    SER, CB & Indexer are automatically connected. & you should tick from Setting-Indexing option if u would like the indexer. if that are ticked then even un opened GSA indexer will be opened automatically.  They r linked.
  • Tim89Tim89
    just make sure you have checked the option to send all verified links to SEO Indexer, all projects normally come pre-ticked as default.

  • Thank you. it s checked on my project and it s also checked in the options panel.

    however, when GSA starts, I wait for verified links to show on the right window, then i would expect to see something appears on indexer, but nothing. i ve let just a few links appear before i added them manually. should i ve been waiting for more?

  • SvenSven
    links are sent in 5 min ibnterval or when you have 100+ urls in queue.
  • Thanks, that s the info i needed.
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