Theincredible indexer or Lindexed ? opinions

hello can someone tell me if you use any of these two services and how is the indexing rate how many urls do you get indexed from?


  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
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    I cant say for those two servcies but i am using express indexer with the 1 million plan and it is fine, it is working fine for what i do
  • Yeah i've read on that express indexer is good but i was looking for a cheaper solution because i'm on a budget i've also gsa seo indexer so i could use it along with a service.
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    Lindexed allows you to submit in one month what Incredible allows you to submit over two days for each one's smallest package. I suppose if you're doing big volume then Incredible is the logical choice.
  • @ByteLawd have you tried theincredible indexer? if so how is the indexing rate now i've read that it wasn't really working
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    Yes I used it a few months ago and it worked fine for me. Who is saying that it's not indexing any more? I've seen people complaining that their API key isnt working or their charts or logins but never seen anyone say it's no longer indexing as well.

    Perhaps a current user can chime in.
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    @ByteLawd thanks for your answer i will surely check The incredible indexer and Lindexed.
  • KaineKaine
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    Test it's free (just register before).

  • does any of those mentionned indexer always do INSTANT INDEXING like they was before ?
  • @Milan i don't understand what you're saying?

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    mihais  do you know what does "instant indexing" mean ?
    i asked if any of the indexing services here still able to get it
  • @Milan i asked the same because i wasn't sure what service to buy but after reading more i think i will go with Lindexed for a month i plan o doing some churn and burn sites
    do you use something different?
  • mihais i have expressindexer membership
    it was great with instant indexing, but since late may it stopped indexing links instantly
    so i'm looking for an alternative
  • I think google changed something about instant indexing. Maybe someone could confirm.
  • @mihais,

    Yes, Instant Indexing is no longer possible, however most indexing services (including ours) still get the links indexed. 

    It just takes a little more time now.
  • @SamWylde what's your service?
  • Tim89Tim89
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    To be totally honest, I've been doing random index checks since we updated and within 24 hours of submitting to EI at least 40% are indexed (this is within 24 hours, so instant indexing is still very much alive it's simply dependent on link quality.), I'm not talking about joomla k2 platform links though, these take a little while longer to index.

    PBN sites/posts normally index within a matter of a day to a few days.
  • @Tim89 i've seen people talking about your service being the best after instant link indexer but i find it a bit of my budget currently  do you think that gsa seo indexer i good for churn and burn?
  • Tim89Tim89
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    gsa seo indexer is also a good choice, it does the job, it just does not scale very well if you're building alot of links.
  • Thanks @Tim89 i will think of trying your service.
  • spikedealerspikedealer United States
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    I have tried Indexification because they're affordable for me, but they have limited features compare to quality ones like Lindexed. So far, I would recommend Lindexed as I have also tried it and works smoothly.
  • Expressindexer DOES NOT WORK at all, and they REFUSE to give a refund within 7 days after I made the order, The InstantIndexer doesn't work either, BUT they give me a full refund after I sent an email to them.
    DO NOT EVEN try ExpressIndexer!!!
  • Tim89Tim89
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    Uhm, excuse me? I haven't been notified about any refund requests.. ^_~

    I can tell by the way you're typing, you're pretty pissed off but as I said, I have not received any notification that you requested a refund.

    perhaps there's something wrong with the links you're creating if both services' "DOES NOT WORK"
  • If you need new indexer pm for details . We are currently providing free account so You risk nothing.
  • Have you tried indexification. It stands much better than any indexing tools. Though price is bit heavy, but really stands well on control group.
  • @sashilover what kind of links are you building?
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