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I been Getting SER Links to index with new indexing service

Hello SER Memebers,

I cancelled my subscription with indexification lately and signed up with Lindexed because none of my links were indexing all the time. Plus what I liked best about Lindexed beside of the index rate is for $24.97 a month they give you 1,500,000 links a month with no daily limit which is great for the amount of links I build with SER. 
Anyway one of my clients wanted me to do a Churn and Burn so built over 30,000 links to his site everything from articles, blogs, wikis, blog comments, trackbacks, guestbooks, image comments, .ping backs, and they index.  I searched in Google.and found some of the links that weren't indexing before and even in SER they were indexed when I tested them.

The thing is according to the owner of Lindexed Google is taking very little considerations on indexing any sites that have very little content on them like profiles, 

I hope that helped anyone that has been having an index problem.


  • linkedseo  Ok. I was using instantindexer and it got hit where they can't do rapid indexing. So i'm no longer using them and have been looking for an solution  I had seen on another thread where you and someone else was using GSA seo indexer and getting results with it.  Personally I love GSA products, but for me I never was able to get indexing to work and it uses a lot of resources when indexing.  Maybe I just wasn't using the deep link option?  My question is are you still using GSA seo indexer or are you just running Lindexed.

    Other questions below

    1.  Do you just use lindexed for the 3 tier and let gsa search ranker index the other tiers from linking to one another or do you just lindexed all tiers?  I guess maybe at 1.5 million links a month just do all of them?

    2.  I'm stuck on one some of my keywords for a site do you think you can Skype with me sometime this week? I remember seeing in another thread that you were showing people how to rank with seo redirect pro but I went to the site you had a link for in the forum and it isn't there?  So not sure if this is a method to try to boost keyword rankings. The keywords are pretty competitive, but all the keywords are in the top 50 on google. This is not a churn and burn site either.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for answering my questions and any suggestions would be great.  I really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • my skype is linkwheelrockstars
  • is there any instant link indexing service like they was before ?
  • Milan   As far as I know there isn't any and I canceled instantindexing because it's expensive compared to a lot of the others.  If it's not indexing my links fast and indexing has gone back to the old ways of 12 days to index or less.  There are a lot cheaper solutions out there, IMO.

    linkedseo   cool thanks man. I'll Skype you sometime this week. thanks.

  • linkedseo
    Are you sure buddy,that is getting links indexed.

    specially the ones created with GSA SER.??

  • yes because i can find the links in Google as well
  • linkedseo 
    in how much time they get indexed!!

    Thanks for replying..
  • KaineKaine
    edited July 2015
    Maybe test that: result is not bad and it's free at this time.
  • linkedseo I'm interested to know bagri0007   question as well. How long is lindexed taking to index the links you are doing?  Also, what links are you getting indexed?  Are you gettingcrap links like profiles to index?      
  • If Google isn't considering anything with low content on the page, profiles, social networks, social bookmarks of course aren't indexing...I'll tell you what is indexing, wikis, blogs, articles, blog comments, image comments, trackbacks, pingbacks. Though YYboards will index every once an a while for some reason, I have no ide why Google like that site for or iy was just pure luck
  • Seo_Gladiator 
    waiting for linkedseo  
    answer hope he will answer both of us..
  • As in time you mean @bagri0007?
  • @kaine bestbacklinkindexer is in beta mode you can still submit links?
  • linkedseo 
    i want to know in how much days will the links get indexed in google?
  • It's kind of hard to say sometimes I do a 7 -30 day drip, then I just submit for 1 day
    But if I do it for 1 day I check back in like 4-5 days i can find it Google 
  • linkedseo

    I bought the service lets see what happens.
  • KaineKaine
    @linkedseo Yes you can submit link
  • edited July 2015
    Anyone tried this method by Indianbill?

    Guy know what he's talking about, but the method is more than 1 year old now and it seems like a major hassle to set it up.
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited July 2015
    I just use social bot for all those social signal, tweets, retweets, pinterest pins, likes, youtube views, FB shares, etc. Does the same thing. Also a great add on to an SER campaign
  • Anyone know a good service for recaptcha's??
  • @linkedseo Thanks for the tip on lindexed. i signed up and will update here on my results next week.
  • @linkedseo can you please tell me how many urls do you index with Lindexed and also have you use theincredibleindexer? thanks 
  • They only allow up to 100,000 at time.

    The last campaign I indexed for my clients was a combined total of 15,000 edu, gov, blog comments, guestbooks, trackbacks, articles, web 2.0, pdf/doc shares, social bookmarks, social networks, plus tweets, retweets, pinterest pins, shares and press releases.

    No I didn't because the Incredible Indexer gives you 100,000 links a month. For the same price I get 1,500,000 links a months.
  • @linkedseo how many % of your backlinks did Lindexed indexed after 24 hours? and also the incredible indexer is giving 100,000 a day not a month. i ask this because i plan on doing churn and burn. thanks
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited July 2015
    I pasted this, i just picked a random indexing campaign..this was sent to lindexed by GSA SER

    This campaign has 67 urls where 67 were crawled at least once with crawling rate of 100 % ...

    "GSA_Search_Engine_Ranker 12-07-2015"

  • Tim89Tim89
    Thing is, 100% crawl rate isn't 100% index rate lol, a good indexing service will get you 100% crawl no matter what.
  • @Tim89 i want to buy your service is it good for churn and burn sites? Also how well does crappy links get indexed.?
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited July 2015
    well thats all they give you is the crawl rate, but like i said i find the links in Google
    Plus I'm ranking sites and videos with ser so the links are indexing
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited July 2015
    Yes, that's because lindexed is a pinging/crawling service, that is what they do.

    Back links appear and disappear from the index which happens naturally and is part of the initial indexing phase, a link can disappear and reappear several times in the space of a week before it is properly cached and indexed, this is probably the reason why people state they are seeing false positives with index checking tools.

    If you do index checks frequently, id suggest cutting this down to fortnightly or even monthly, you're only wasting valuable time by doing it so often when you could be doing something else, you're paying for a service to do this for you, let the service do it for you.

    To say that you are ranking sites and videos because of lindexed is quite comical, are they setting up your campaigns too? Perhaps their selecting your keywords for you as well :smile: what makes you think this is 100% accurate? Why are you 100% sure it is your current crawling service that is making you rank so positively, lol, sounds a little misleading to me, a crawled link yields a little ranking power, so it's quite possible you are seeing these ranking increases due to your links being crawled, but not actually indexed.

    An indexed link is far superior than a crawled link though.
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
    edited July 2015
    Well i was using another service before and trying everything else pinging sites, rapid indexers and nothing was working. It was extremely hard since Googles quality update. All my manual link building was indexing of course but using ser  i signed up with lindexed then i started getting much better results and sites starting ranking again. 

    Tim89 you know what I mean so cut the comedy routine : ) are they setting up the campaigns for you too?...LOL
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