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What is the best strategy to rank: one project with all keywords or one project for each keyword?


I have one site that has 50 low competition keywords. Each keyword has one page or post on that site.

I know that GSA SER can handle as many urls it can, but for SEO purposes, which strategy is better: using one project that targets my main url and all my pages or posts that contains each keyword, or creating one separate/dedicated project for each low competion keyword that i researched?



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    edited June 2015
    It all depends are all the keywords on the same niche or are they completely different.

    If the keywords are all completely different products \ services then i would say that doing one project for each would be best as then you can use relevant content for each product and also do long tail anchors.

    If the products \ services are all more or less on the same niche then you could get away with just doing 1 project BUT make sure you bind your urls and anchor text so that anchors are pointing to relevant links. For example if you have a site about dogs, then you want the dog food anchors to point to your category about dog food and you want the dog clothing anchors to point to the dog clothing category. It would not be good if you have anchors pointing to unrelated links \ categories.
    I did a post about URL binding some time ago and it should give you a better understanding -

    However i personally would suggest doing 1 project per product \ service because more projects mean more accounts being created and more relevant backlinks.
    If you have a hard time figuring out what links to then use for each product, take a look over here, could help you:

    Hope the above helps -- Good luck to you.
  • @royalmice - Thanks, man!! That's the answer i am waiting for!!

  • Tim89Tim89
    Depends entirely on niche and keyword competition.
  • depends on keywords and niche you are in. one project is certainly easier for seo workload. especially when using other services to supplement GSA. If the keywords aren't contextually aligned, then you should use separate projects.
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