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Churn & Burn Anchor Diversity

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When doing churn and burn projects, what kind of anchor diversity should I be working with? I've heard of people doing only their money kw as their anchor and ranking well with that, would having fewer anchors like that affect how quickly you get penalized? I mean does having greater anchor diversity help with the longevity of your site (lasts longer without being penalized)?

Also what should the percentages for generic anchor text and domain as anchor text be for C&B projects?


  • GipsyKingsGipsyKings My Own Server
    - Having greater anchor diversity helps with the longevity of your site and builds Authority .
  • Tim89Tim89
    It's all about equilibrium, you need to concentrate on your branding and generics as well as your anchor text ratios, all these are important for ranking and most importantly keep on ranking for a long period.

    Sure, you can rank with solely money keywords alone, if you have enough variation of them, but as a safety net you should be building branding keywords and naked urls as tier 1s also, powering these up will also increase your websites' authority which also results in a natural boost for your target keywords, branding keywords & naked urls are just as important now to help keep the balance in ratios.

    If you're looking for a quick ranking strategy then limit the amount of keywords you want to rank for and blast the hell out of your site and hope that you rank for a while before your backlink profile starts working against you, once google has established enough data on your site and it sees that you only have a select few anchor keywords being spammed, you'll start to decline.

    A more solid approach would be to use SER for diversity and PBN for money keywords. Good luck!
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