dont understand this

Hi, why the number of submissions is lower than the number of verified links in GSA SER?



  • SvenSven
    read the FAQ (sticky post) ;)
  • hi, but there is a huge gap like 28 submitted and 1259 verified, that means that 28 backlinks are live and the others dont?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Accepted Answer
    It's the other way round.

    I believe once the submission (Submitted) has been verified, it then gets deleted from the Submitted list and added to the Verified list.

    You want more verifieds anyway.
  • @ivanher,it depends on the type of platforms you chose..this case mostly happens if you have chosen wordpress articles platform since you rarely get wordpress articles verified but the submission rate is usually high.
  • thanks tim89
  • so verified links are the number of backlinks live?
  • SvenSven
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