What's the best indexer working right now ?


i was using some indexing service which was working great but these days i can't get my links indexed as before
so i'm looking for what's working right now because i need instant indexing services (my content is unique and i was getting fast (5 minutes) indexing before)

please give me your toughts from your experience



  • i dont think any of the services are working now. i have a bunch of them. none are indexing my links.
  • @quinnmodel so what are you using to index links ?
  • Use an "indexing" tier of comments.
  • @HUBBA i'm not talking about indexing profile or articles links
    i want to index my own pages for my own websites

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    @Milan - Oh, if that's the case then you should just submit a sitemap to the search engines, then ping. I think the main three SE are mixing things up right now. Some things index near instant, others not.
  • @HUBBA i don't want to add my domains to google webmaster tools, it's not a quality websites in the google's eyes
    i was using an indexer succefully and link get indexed within minutes
    but now i'm really strugling indexing them
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    What people do not realise is that, before these new generation "instant" indexers were released almost two years ago, mine being one of them, the previous indexing services out there would take 30 days to index your links perhaps even longer, people are expecting "instant" indexing now too when in reality a good service should be able to get the majority of your urls indexed within a 14 day period (a couple of weeks).

    Personally speaking, as an indexing service provider, services need to evolve for the best possible indexing rates they are able to serve to their customers, this is why I clearly state that a full indexing cycle for my own service is 14 days turnover, Google has changed something with their googlebot, this is something that we have made some additions for and also upgraded our backend to take care of recently.

    There are a few phases a url goes through before it is stored within the index, I obviously notice this as I provide a service but many average SEOs don't take this into consideration, a url is created, the first stage is for that url to become crawled, then if the url is deemed worthy, it will be placed within the index temporarily, normally for 1-3 days, the spider then recrawls the url around 7 days after storing the newly added url to check if the url is still live and in good standing (possible spam check?) before finally deeming the url as confirmed indexed, otherwise it will exclude the url, simple as that.

    The entire point of using an indexing service is to speed this process up for xxx,xxx number of links you build with SER, the more links you are building the more need for having an indexing service.

    so I have a question for everyone that states they "can't get their links indexed"...

    How long do you wait for this to happen before checking?
  • @Tim89 ; i really appreciated your service and i was getting links indexed within minutes almost EVERYTIME

    i'm looking to use an indexing service for my own pages to test different stuff, and i'm not willing to wait 2 weeks to get link indexed and see the results of my testing

    you service is more than great for indexing own autority sites or bulk gsa ser links but in my case is just LOT of tests that needs to get indexed instantly to see results and try other stuff

  • I'm very happy with Expressindexer, but if you would like to index your own pages/post fast use blog comments on authority sites. 

    Brand name or Names in general as anchor text seems to work best atm.
  • @Milan - Do you have RSS feeds for these sites? If so, you should be able to submit them to the aggregators and ping them. If that and indexers aren't working it may be that G finds the sites not worthy.
  • catchallseocatchallseo www.catchallseo.com <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
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    Here follows my personal experience:

    1) One Hour Indexing (For Tier-1 Links created for parasite sites... This is by far the highest quality indexing service but a little expensive...)

    2) ExpressIndexer (Highly effective after OneHourIndexing ... I use it for Tier-2 links mostly)

    3) Instant link Indexer (It gives you 50K quota per day which you can use to blast your Tier-3 links. Had good results with them as well. But not as good as above ones)

  • sabahat
    Do not lie here buddy??

    i have being using them since a while this service like onehour,instantlinkindexer(Never tired ExpressIndexer )

    they are all crap now,
    they simply does not work now.i tried them a week ago and still trying but no luck.i would say go and buy GSA seo indexer its good.(Better Than these services)

  • Express Indexer is working great.

    Instant Link Indexer used to work, not so much anymore.

    Never tried one hour indexer... but their linklicious service is total crap, so I cannot imagine this being any better.

    Besides Express Indexer, other services are simply not getting stuff indexed anymore. Express Indexer is not instant, and nothing can now magically take links on the worst sites and get them indexed; but compared to not running an Indexing service and running Express indexer I'm seeing much higher index rates... it takes a few days, but it works.

    For best results filter your submissions by PR or if you have PR Jacker, filter by DA and/or TF.... those are the sites on which you can submit links that will be indexed, and with help of service like Express Indexer you will get much higher index rates than over control group.
  • catchallseocatchallseo www.catchallseo.com <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
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    It all depends on the nature of links you are creating and the content using on your backlink that you want to index! OneHourIndexing literally worked great with your contextual links built as Tier-1 for parasite sites.

    Here is the experiment illustrated in MatthewWoodward's award winning blog:


    However the performance of these indexing services have gone low through the passage of time. Google is making it very difficult to index even your money site. It takes time! Please use these indexing service wisely in order to leap profit from them.


  • sabahat 
    Check one hour indexing they donot work now!

    i am speaking from my experience i donot go with other people opinions i just say what i saw and observe

  • luckyman2luckyman2 Aku ada di sini untukmu :*
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    bagri0007 so, what the best indexer working right now? just now, i want to try one hour indexing ..
    anyone, can hlp me?
  • sabahat
    MW blog is full of BS.
    indexification - 1.5kk links - $18 a month, 0,012 per 1k
    lindexed.com - 1.5kk links - $25 a month,  0,016 per 1k
    onehourindexing - 0.9kk links - $97 a month, 0.10 per 1k

    When it comes to results per buck... onehourindexing is not a winner. But its all about aff comission, not truth.
  • instantlinkindexer works for me, not having any issues. although i mix it up with rapidindexer on scrapebox
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    At the end of the day, indexing services will get your back links found quicker than using nothing, it is a benefit to your SEO arsenal if you sub to one but not a requirement.

    It saves time and resources for you which streamlines your ranking strategies so you can concentrate on creating new businesses and not have to worry about actively trying to index your links yourself.

    It is definitely a no brainer to have an indexing service if you are creating thousands of back links for your projects, this is where the real benefit is when using one.

    Each indexing service uses its own methods to get your links crawled and indexed, this is what they do, however it is very much dependant on the back links you create, Googlebot is getting smarter each day and also with good quality web 2 sites, indexing these tend to take a few days with a service as well, this is because they are easily created now with services such as FCS Networker and Rankwyz, the best indexing rates come from private blog network sites and this shouldn't be a surprise, so a good idea here for everyone to take note, start planning for the future and build your own PBN network yourself and use these as your tier 1 links, then power these up with your tier 2/3 and send these lower quality links to the indexing services.

    The more urls you send for indexing the more urls will become indexed, so it is a numbers game.

    Most of you will think I'm pushing indexing services because I run one myself but I'm really not and please don't think that I am, I'm simply providing you with my personal SEO experience.

    There are many services available, the question is do you want one or not? It is as simple as that.
  • I use these atm.

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