Removing Engine From Engines Folder To Reduce Available Engines Globally

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I was messing around editing and wanted to remove an engine from being available altogether and wanted to know if this will work as it will save me having to edit a stack of campaigns instead.

If I take and engine.ini file from the engines folder I see that it also removed it immediately from the available engines list in a campaign which meant that it immediately became not used globally.

Is there any issue with doing that at all that I should be aware of?

I realise that it will mean that there is less engines to post to but then that is what I am after any way.



  • SvenSven
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    if you remove it it is gone. But make sure to restart the projects (stop all and restart) as they might still use it.
  • Thanks Sven

    So am I right in thinking that I can add it back in again later without there being any issues with that?

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    Why would you even attempt to this when you can easily deselect the engine(s) you don't want to utilize? This makes no sense.....
  • SvenSven
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    @nicerice, the only issue might be that you have to reselect it in the projects as it got removed and also from the project file section.
  • Thanks Sven...

    grafx77 - some engines are poor performers I don't want to be able to accidentally select them and waste threads searching or posting to sites that go nowhere. If they don't exist in the engines folder then no problem :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    If your working on a lot of projects, going through project by project can be time consuming.

    Killing a file can have the same results in seconds.

    I have done the same in the past for speed

    The engine files reappear after a ser update

    Make sure if you edit any engine files, back them up and then over write them after an update

  • Thanks for that advice Lee.

    I thought that would happen.

    I will be backing up my edited engines probably by date serially from now on as I experiment.
  • OzzOzz
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    you can also just rename it differently and uncheck the original engines in your "Wher to Submit" collumn.
    those renamed engines won't get overwritten when the original scripts are updated.
    your renamed scripts won't get updated obviously so you need to check that from time to time to keep them up to date.

    - rename file name from 'originalSCRIPT.ini' to 'modifiedSCRIPT.ini
    - within the script you change the name also to know which one is the modified in 'Where to Submit' collumn
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    @LeeG - Yes, you can do that also, but with the recent request that I made and fulfilled by Sven, you can now export and import engines from project to project. No need to  take the extra steps......

    @nicerice- I understand why your doing it, but didn't understand why you would choose that procedure. Obviously you will backup your engines folder before making any changes, but as mentioned above with the latest update, you can now import/export engines. No need to fiddle with the directories now.....
  • Thanks @grafx77 I saw that new feature and I will consider it in the future. At the moment I am going with the copy and chop out method for a little while and then may experiment again further with the other.
  • @Ozz, I like your idea of changing the names too... hmm so many options! :)
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